And it’s not just the millennials

This is about Why the Millennials Will Finally Get the Punishment They Deserve. It’s just that they will be taking a lot of others with them, but you will see the point. From Captain Capitalism:

The 2016 presidential election showed me the true and horrific colors of the modern day left.


threatening the lives of electoral college electors,
to denying Bernie Sanders a fair vote in the Democratic party,
to beating up Trump supporters,
to the abysmal cry-baby shit show that followed a legitimate election,
to vomiting the canard to our children that “we apologize for you having to grow up in this world”
to the hypocrisy claiming democracy was broken

the left has shown they are a hate-filled, racist, bigoted, violent group, who have no interest in democracy, and will gladly institute a dictatorship if they can get their way and other people’s money.

Naturally not all leftists are like this. Many of them are also complete tools, unaware of the evil that is festering and growing within their own party, naively thinking today’s democrats are the JFK party “of the little guy.” And, of course, we hope the 2016 election woke some of them up to the point they’d maybe clean house in the democrat party. But it wasn’t until I was talking to a buddy of mine did I see a clear delineation line, a trait that more or less identifies which leftists in the democrat party are simply well-intended, though ignorant bleeding hearts, and those that are tyrants, thugs, racists, and hate-mongers whose hearts are filled with envy, greed, and jealousy.

Is that over the top? Perhaps, but then again I can see what he means. But it is also many of their elders who fit the mould as well. It’s really my own generation which has never managed to grow up, as also pointed out.

Of course, the millennials did not do this simply on their own. They were led, taught, and indoctrinated by the public school system and universities which is honeycombed with the most worthless, talentless members of the baby boomer and Gen X generations. Never setting foot in the real world, nor having an independent thought, thousands of teachers and professors successfully brainwashed millions of millennials into leftists. And not just leftists, but the most entitled, spoiled, incompetent, irresponsible, delusional, brainless, programmable, and narcissistic group of leftists the world has ever seen. Coupled with the choir of worthless parents who pampered the genetic crap that resulted from their copulation, these veritable worthless human beings are incapable of self-supportation, independent thought, honoring the golden rule, sympathy, and respecting other people’s rights. And if they got their way, they would have enslaved the rest of us to pay for their parasitic lifestyles, while working crusaderishly to chisel away at freedom, democracy, and the United States.

Bad things are going to follow.

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