The moral inferiority of the left

The left gets its news from Comedy Central. Jon Stewart was the central font of knowledge for an entire generation. You can watch the whole fourteen minutes and never hear a single political point from Stewart. What we have is a not very funny “professional comic” lecturing the others on their “moral inferiority”. It is my first experience watching this guy for more than a minute at a time, and thankfully it will be my last. But listening to Stewart’s empty superiority is another reminder of how out of their depth the left is in dealing with every issue we need to face.

Actually, I have now watched the follow-up interview with Chris Wallace. As hard to imagine as it is, Stewart is even more insufferable – he explicitly and repeatedly denies that the MSM is relentlessly partisan which he has no hesitation in stating outright as if to think otherwise is an impossibility based on no facts. This is the gist of what he says, although not verbatim. He is totally and without any doubt as deluded as it is possible to be.

He doesn’t think there is a liberal bias in the MSM. I am a comedian first. But the thing you will never understand is that I am a comedian and while my comedy is informed by my ideology, I’m not personally an ideologue. What I do is much harder. Comedy is much harder. It is comedy first. Best bit is where Wallace asks him if he wants to do “a re-make of Amos and Andy” after he had pretended to do a dialogue in dialect?

Wallace calmly and comprehensively takes Stewart apart. Shallow, bombastic, and utterly unconvincing. Listening to this after the just-ended election, he sounds even more idiotic than when he was a media star. As Stewart says at the end when being questioned by Wallace, “I don’t even know what you are talking about”. He certainly did not know what Wallace was talking about. He really is out of his depth, and it is only because his fan base is equally out of its depth that they don’t notice. If this were chess, he’d have been checkmated in about eight moves.