Do we know anything yet about the Canberra arsonist?

Just a quick question for which I have not been able to find any answers. Even The Canberra Times has only this: Man severely burned by explosion outside the Australian Christian Lobby office walked five kilometers. His identity seems of no interest although they did raise this question, which I am sure is the burning issue:

It may seem extraordinary that the man who ignited the van that exploded outside the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters in Canberra on Wednesday night walked five kilometres to hospital before being deemed critical.

Extraordinary indeed, but not as extraordinary as this:

ACL managing director Lyle Shelton was quick to label the fire a deliberate attack against the organisation’s conservative political stance, but police determined there was no political, religious or ideological motivation behind the explosion after interviewing the man.

They must be mind readers. But just out of interest, why don’t they release his name?

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