Australian Conservatives

One more Malcolm triumph: Cory Bernardi on brink of Liberal Party split.

Fears are mounting within the ­Liberal Party that maverick South Australian senator Cory Bernardi is set to split from the Coalition to spearhead the new Australian Conservatives party, with an ­announcement expected in the new year.

The conservative firebrand and his “very close friend” Gina ­Rinehart met key members of US president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign team, including former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, in Washington last month, fuelling fears the senator might have the support of Australia’s richest woman to bankroll the party and dilute the Liberals’ support base.

Senator Bernardi is refusing to comment on his plans, but allies and colleagues of the outspoken conservative say a breakaway Trump-inspired movement is ­imminent and attempts are being made to convince him to stay within the Liberal Party.

Australia already has a socialist party so doesn’t need a second. We already have a party that actually believes global warming is a legitimate concern, so we don’t need two. We already have a party that thinks public sector spending will drive economic growth, so we don’t need two. An Australian Conservative Party will at least have some sway via its Senate numbers, whereas at present it has hardly any at all.

There is a realignment across the international political frontier led by DJT and it will come to Australia one way or another. The Libs either toss Malcolm or a conservative third force will emerge.

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