Covid, the media and the survival instinct

Who knows what is really going on, but how can anyone ignore this, from: European Vax Update: Side Effects and Refuseniks?

Finally, an adverse effects data system in Germany has been overwhelmed by citizens’ reports sent in via a downloaded app:

Already 500,000 reports of side effects of the corona vaccination to the Paul Ehrlich Institute

The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) has developed an app to record the side effects of corona vaccinations. By the end of May, half a million people who had been vaccinated had already downloaded the app and provided information on side effects. Mind you, this is only a part of those actually affected, because not everyone who got the corona vaccination also got the referenced app afterwards. Around 4,000 reports of serious reactions were made in May alone. Deaths are not included, because a dead person no longer downloads an app.

The amount of data is so huge that the PEI cannot even keep up with processing the reports. “A disaster” is how Professor Dr. Wolf-Dieter Ludwig, chairman of the drug commission of the German medical profession, describes the situation.

Meanwhile, a typical report from the mainstream press, this time The Financial Times: West risks retreating into Covid limbo as vaccination rates taper where they report:

One clear pattern from the first 18 months of coronavirus is that each apparent certainty is overtaken by events. The latest is that the west — chiefly, the US and western Europe — is moving to post-pandemic normality. That is far from assured. As vaccination rates taper off, the goal of reaching herd immunity is bumping up against the cultural resisters. Two steps forward are followed by one back. The concern is that new mutations will outpace the west’s ability to inoculate its laggards.

“Laggards” is it. Maybe just common sense and an instinct for survival, which in part includes ignoring the media and the medical profession.

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