“They are suppressing the truth about everything”

From the comments thread at Post Covid vaccine deaths from Flying Duck (@ 8:39 pm), about which DOT has added her own comment:


And so it has been done. This is what Dr Flying Duck wrote as a comment.

They are suppressing the truth about everything. As a doctor, let me list some examples:

– about who is truly vulnerable (only the elderly co-morbid – we are NOT ‘all in this together’)

– about cheap, existing, effective, prevention and treatment strategies (Vitamin D, Ivermectin)

– about the ineffectiveness of masks and lockdowns (find Ted Noels youtube vid blowing vape smoke through masks) – the chicanery of using positive PCRs in well people to define ‘cases’ (and, more lately, the use of higher cycle thresholds in unvax vs vax, which is guaranteed to overestimate true positives in the unvaxed, and underestimate it in the vaxd.)

– about the TRUE places and means of transmission (indoors in still air – think of it like cigarette smoke, you get a big dose inside a poorly ventilated pub, you get bugger all outside in the beer garden) – about the normal tendency for severity of illness to DECLINE with each new strain because the most successful virus is the one that is most infectious but least serious – all they are telling us is how much more infective each one is – at the end of the day, I don’t care if I am instantly ‘infected’ with a variant which doesn’t cause any illness. BTW , I’m calling bullshit on the ‘new Delta is sooo infectious you can catch it just walking past someone in the street’ – this is an flat out lie – you need to inhale a certain ‘quantum’ of viral particles to get infected – that is why you need prolonged close contact in still air – if you could really get it in passing, it would have ripped throughout the country in days.

– about the real infectivity of asymptomatic ‘cases’ (respiratory viruses make people symptomatically sick because they have to to maximise spread–if they didn’t, evolution would eliminate symptomatology because sick people are easy to spot and avoid)

– their prior knowledge of the risks of mRNA vax (worse illness if you contract the live virus after immunisation due to ADE, the risk of ‘nonsterilising immunity’ producing more severe mutant strains), and the increasing evidence of new side effects due to the unexpected toxicity of the vaccine produced spike proteins themselves (myocarditis, vasculitis, accumulation in endometrium and ovary).

– the POOR risk/reward ratio of vaccination (the young get little benefit and maximum risk)

– The poor risk/reward ratio of the economic lockdown measures (the main ‘beneficiaries’, if any, are old people who will soon be dead and not stuck with the bill – the main people getting the bill are the young, who will be paying off their long departed grandparents death bills for decades) etc etc etc

It’s almost like they are are up to something, not just ‘keeping us all safe’.

The video is from a hearing in the US Senate, which is really also a terrifying story. From Sen. Ron Johnson Hearing: Mother with Disabled Daughter Breaks Down Crying While Sharing How COVID Vaccine Shattered Her Daughter’s Life.

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