Post Covid vaccine deaths

In the 30 years since the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was launched in 1990, small numbers of people have died in the US each year after receiving a variety of vaccines. The number of post-vaccine deaths in 2021 are unprecedented, and we’re only halfway through the year. Source HERE.

From Donna Lafromboise, where she discusses the work of Dr Francis Christian, who has raised concerns about Covid vaccines, and about whom she writes:

Christian draws attention to the abnormally large number of adverse reactions, including deaths, associated with COVID vaccines that have been reported in the US. He talks about “serious medical problems” experienced by young people in many countries, including heart inflammation.

You would think these kinds of figures would be on the front page of every paper, rather than an issue that would silently get this doctor fired. This is the sub-text of the story at the link:

Saskatchewan surgeon insists on informed consent prior to children receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Health authority fires him before an investigation has even begun.

Something is afoot, but what it is we will only know in the great by and bye, and then only if it all falls into place, which is what we must hope will never happen.

You might supplement the above bit of information with this: Follow the science: ‘Deadly’ Delta variant registers a 99.9+% recovery rate. And once you have gone to the link and looked at the stats you will understand why they then write this:

In plain english, this means that based on CDC and WHO guidelines, the Delta variant’s death rate is actually significantly lower than the 0.1% number that appears in the U.K. government docs.

Would you really take the advice of some government health official who has absolutely no skin in the game and no matter what may happen, will eventually retire on a full pension?

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