Why isn’t the party stacked with climate change deniers?

I have dwelt on the 45-40 party room tally when Malcolm was finally booted and have often wondered whether the score was actually: Skeptics 45 – Idiots and Buffoons 40.

In the light of all this, what am I to make of the following [cited and discussed at QoL]?

Cabinet Minister Kelly O’Dwyer has told colleagues the Liberals are widely regarded as “homophobic, anti-women, climate-change deniers” during a crisis meeting of federal Victorian MPs.

As far as the first two of the three go, I am in complete agreement with this:

Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert, a Queensland Liberal MP, said he had seen no evidence the Liberal Party was homophobic, anti-women or stacked with climate-change deniers.

As for the third, Ms O’Dwyer and Mr Robert have precisely identified the problem. Why isn’t the party stacked with climate change deniers, that is, why isn’t it stacked with people with enough common sense to recognise idiocy when it is right before their eyes?

With this in mind, I want to see the list of the 40 who voted to keep Malcolm. Anyone know where it is?

The rising price of houses

The RBA is worried about rising house prices in Australia. But at the end of the article, Kelly O’Dwyer MHR, the chair of a parliamentary inquiry into foreign investment in residential real estate, put her finger right on the problem:

There was evidence to suggest current foreign investment restrictions were not being enforced by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), she said.

We used to pay for our balance of payments deficits through increased investment and the revenues that previous investments had caused. Now we pay for our imports by selling off the farm. The first could go on for ever and made us prosperous. The second will be a disaster but no one is willing to stop the inbound flow of funds.