The “Progressive” checklist

Attached to this post was a comment from Tel that needs to be brought to the surface.

Leftists take over stale causes and distort them towards socialism. They lack the ability to create. The original feminists got everything they wanted: votes, jobs, property rights. Having achieved their purpose they gave up and went on with their lives.

The cause was then picked up by a new generation of so called “feminists” who just stole the name and then invented new and pointless demands for the purpose of making people miserable and making themselves feel important. Be divisive, make your demands unreasonable, respond irrationally when called on it. They cloaked themselves in the legitimacy of the earlier cause and pretend to speak on behalf of all women.

The “Progressive” checklist:

* Steal the vocabulary, distort it to your own ends;
* Divide people into tribes and set them at each other’s throats;
* Pretend to speak on behalf of a whole segment of the population despite having no legitimate authority;
* Outrage, distraction and name calling when put under scrutiny.

It’s a system, this is merely one facet.

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