Rumours and fake news

For myself, the most interesting thing to learn was that it was a “one-night stand” and thus hardly his “mistress”. Either this was a one-off moment or there are other women who have had similar relations who thought it was no one else’s business but their own. For Trump, it is just more fake news.

But even on Drudge, this was the top story, and one only to be wished for.

Better than having a revolver placed on the table, but one way or another, moving things along, which includes this rumour as well:

Is Trump Using Omnibus Bill To Now FULLY FUND The Border Wall? It Sure Looks That Way.

Whispers are now rampant that President Trump is using the significant funds allocated to military spending in the most recent omnibus bill he signed last week to allocate full and immediate funding for the southern border wall project. If so it would be a brilliant side-step maneuver that would outflank the anti-secure border members of Congress – including many among the Republican leadership. An omnibus bill is not a budget and so allows a president considerable powers to spend those funds as they choose.  If this now plays out as some are suggesting, Donald Trump just beat Congress at its own game in getting the funding he and his millions of supporters have long called for to help secure the border. It would be a truly MAGA Art of the Deal moment.

Hangars pour hommes

The Women’s Collective decide that it is time for a woman to head a major French company and the film explains how they go about it. And then from Australia, Bettina Arndt on Men’s Sheds:

She writes:

Women are everywhere now. We’ve forced our way into all the workplaces, into the army’s fighting forces, into all men’s organisations, into the pubs. Everywhere you look there are women.

But there was one place that men were safe and that was in men’s sheds. Traditionally in Australia many men had sheds up in their backyard where they could retreat to do their own thing. It led to a Men’s Shed movement across Australia – over 1000 sheds now, particularly attracting older, retired men who come together and support each other. A vital mental health measure given that these older men are the group most at risk of suicide in the country.

But guess what? Women are pushing our way into the sheds too. There are sheds across the country coming under pressure to allow women members and amazingly some have caved in. I recently spent a few days talking to men in sheds for a YouTube video, finding out what’s going on here.

It turns out women are being allowed in the door due to a bunch of virtue-signalling men who willingly sell out other males in order to win brownie points from the ladies. They don’t believe in what men’s sheds are supposed to be all about – that special male companionship that comes from men doing things together, working on projects and enjoying banter and secret men’s talk. They don’t believe men are more likely to share their problems when with other men who get where they are coming from, who know what it’s like to face a broken marriage or prostate cancer.

There’s a good bloke up at Kur-ring-gai called Kevin Callinan who is chairman of the peak body representing men’s sheds, The Australian Men’s Sheds Association. He worked for seven years to set up his local shed but Kevin comes from a background in equity in the workplace. He believes in “inclusiveness” and hence calls his thriving shed simply “The Shed” and women are welcome.

Kevin is a man who doesn’t believe there’s anything special about male culture. “There is to a certain extent but it’s not the be all and end all. I would more prefer a broader mix of society.” When asked whether it changes male culture to include women he said. “It does change male culture – for the good.”

Yet you hear something very different if you talk to most blokes in the Men’s Sheds movement.

“What do you think of women in men’s sheds?” I asked a man from the Kincumber Shed, on the NSW Central Coast. “Ugly!” was his response.

“If women ever came into this shed I would be out the door,” said another.

Many believe the men allowing women into their sheds for cosy “inclusive” little craft sessions are selling out other men – and they are part of a far bigger problem.

There are many men in leadership positions see it in their interests to brown-nose to the ladies rather than stick up for men. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull lies about women’s role in family violence blaming the whole problem on men. Men running corporations, our bureaucracies are falling over themselves to institute policies favouring women. Our laws are tilted to favour women victims. The men running our universities promote a fake rape crisis and ignore the increasingly failure rates for male students. And so it goes on.

Men involved in the Men’s Shed movement need to take action to protect these male sanctuaries that enrich the spirit and even save the lives of some men. Come on men – grow a pair and stand up for men!

What’s the answer?


Via SDA where it says:

This was an interesting graphic in a recent e-mail:

In comparison, Prager University has 70 million views per month. Not bad, but nothing compared to the Leftist Propaganda Machine.

Take some time to talk with your left-of-centre friends and figure out why they think the way they do. The power of the media is daunting.

And no different here. We few may frequent a few websites, watch Bolt and The Outsiders and read Quadrant, but the overwhelming bias towards the vast ignorance of the left is near impossible to counter. And the speed with which those who are looking towards some kind of salvation turn on PDT – vide Ann Coulter – because he cannot do it all and on his own is astonishing, repulsive, ungrateful and depressing. And then, of course, there’s this.


Some people have no idea when they’re well off

On the one hand…

Saudi Arabia opens airspace to Israel for first time…

Jewish candidate for Muslim party breaks barriers in Tunisia…

Not to mention:


Negotiators for North and South agreed Saturday on a plan to meet again Thursday inside the Demilitarized Zone — a buffer area separating the two countries — to continue refining the agenda for next month’s historic, top-level summit between their respective leaders. [[President Moon Jae-in of South Korea and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un]


The likelihood of any Kim-Trump summit remains unknown, as does the agenda, and the North hasn’t publicly acknowledged its invitation. But some preliminary talks appear to have occurred in recent days as North Korean diplomats traveled to Finland and Sweden for talks. The latter is an occasional intermediary for matters involving the North and the United States.

Here’s the diplomatic background, including the Trump Administration’s “maximum pressure” timeline.

But on the other hand…

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer posts photo of mystery disc in safe, teasing a ‘picture’…

Ex-PLAYBOY model apologizes to first lady for 10-month affair she claims she had with Trump…

If that’s all they’ve got, they’ve got nothing except among political idiots, of which there is no shortage. And for good measure, it wasn’t “Trump’s budget” that went through Congress, it was the combined efforts of those two renowned fiscal conservatives, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

Thieves and the receivers of stolen goods

Not a lot you can do about this in the meantime, but the notion that Paul Ryan ran for VP in 2012 because of his fiscal credential is more bizarre than almost all the rest. The most corrupt political class in the world, but in saying this, I will leave the President out of it.


There is nothing there other than plunder and piracy. The common good is used only as a cover for unconscionable theft, and those on the receiving end, are no better than the receivers of stolen goods, many of which are among the largest businesses in the land. You may still not appreciate what a disgusting con game Keynesian economics is, but one day, hopefully soon, the penny might drop.

Kafka as a how-to book

“Once you have gone through this process you never want to go through this again.”

“The day you realise your government doesn’t actually care about you is the day you grow up.”

“The day you realise your government will actively prosecute you for non-existing crimes, that is a very bad day for you and your country.”

The background to the story is told here by David Solway: ‘Social Justice’ Is About Anything but Justice, where the events take place in Canada.

Most people are blissfully unaware of the havoc wrought by our misnamed “Social Justice” and “Human Rights” ideology until they are themselves hit by a summons, a legal suit or a ruling in law that deprives them of their peace of mind, robs them of productive time and leaves them substantially out of pocket. It is like being struck by a bolt of lightning while believing oneself to enjoy adequate shelter. My wife and I have been struck by such unexpected intrusions into our lives on three separate occasions over the last few years.

Read David’s article and then watch the video. The people who now make it to the top of the political process, mainly on the left but not just on the left, hate middle-class society and culture and are doing everything they can to bring it down. We may have more technical gadgetry today, but philosophically we are a decadent society of losers who hate and envy those who achieve and use pseudo-forms of compassion for the disadvantaged to create wreckage wherever they can.

In episode 73 of The Fiamengo File professor Janice Fiamengo describes her experience, and the significance for all citizens of once-free and just countries, of being dragged through a protracted and expensive quasi-judicial process on false claims easily discredited by even a casual observer.

This Social Justice Tribunal stand as an example of what can happen to a law abiding citizen in a society pushed far off the course of justice by the SJW tyrants now wreaking havoc in the west.


“Welcome refugees” is the craziest political slogan of all time

From The Other McCain

‘Europe Is Already Under an Invasion’


On the occasion of the anniversary of the 1848 revolution, Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban gave a powerful speech in Budapest:

The situation, my dear friends, is: They want to take away our country! . . . They want us to hand it over willingly to others. To strangers from another continent, who do not speak our language, who do not respect our culture, our laws and our way of life. Who want to replace our way of life with theirs. From now on they do not want us and our descendants to live here, but someone else. . . .

There is no exaggeration in this! We can see it day by day, as great European peoples and nations, step by step, area by area, from city to city, lose their homeland. The situation is such that those who do not stop the migration at their borders will be lost. Slowly but surely they will be consumed. All of this by external forces, international powers that are trying to force it upon us, with the help of their local allies, and they see the upcoming election as a great opportunity for this.

Europe is already under an invasion. If we let it, in the coming decades, tens of millions will begin to move into Europe from Africa and the Middle East. Western Europe is watching this with their hands in the air. Whoever puts his hands up is disarming himself. He is no longer making decisions about his fate. The history of the losers will be written by others in the years ahead. The young people in Western Europe will see it, when they become a minority in their own country and they lose the only thing in the world they can call home. Such forces as now reveal themselves have not been seen in the world for a long time.

Africa will have ten times more young people than Europe. If Europe does nothing, they will kick down the doors, and Brussels will not protect Europe. They do not want to stop the migration, but rather to support it and organize it. They want to dilute and replace the people of Europe!

You may be wondering, who are “they”?

Media financed by foreign groups, and a domestic oligarchy, professional activists . . . agitators, organizers of riots, chains of NGOs paid by international speculators, which can be summed up with George Soros’ name, since he personifies it. This is the world we must fight against, to defend our own.


Last July, I reported how Orban’s anti-Soros rhetoric was condemned by some (including the Israeli ambassador) as anti-Semitic. Nevertheless, it is a fact that “professional activists” funded by Soros, along with other “external forces,” do support unlimited immigration to Europe, and havesought to undermine Hungary’s government, which opposes this Islamic “invasion.” Hungary faces an election on April 8 — about three weeks from now — and Orban’s speech could be seen as an effort to rally support for his party and to counter the challenge of the Jobbik party, which is even farther to the right than Orban’s nationalist Fidesz party.

Michael Brendan Dougherty is concerned by a passage of Orban’s speechwhich “reads like a checklist drawn from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” but it must be asked: What is the alternative? That is to say, if the meddling activists funded by Soros have inflamed public opinion in Hungary, so that the nationalist government of Orban is threatened by openly anti-Semitic rivals, do we expect Orban to ignore this threat? And if Orban does a bit of dog-whistling about the “crafty” Soros who “speculates with money,” is that worse than what would happen in Hungary if Orban were to fall, and Jobbik were to gain power?

The Left has sown the wind and is reaping the whirlwind, including an ugly resurgence of anti-Semitism. It is a mistake to blame the reaction in Europe without acknowledging the Left’s role in provoking that reaction. The crisis in Europe is a result of two decades of misguided policies promoted by the elites in Brussels and elsewhere, policies that were supported by many American politicians in both parties. It is reasonable to hope that, if Orban wins a solid victory in next month’s election, this will relieve the pressure against his government, and thereby help suppress the more extremist elements in Hungary.

It is a shame, and also highly ironic, that George Soros has managed to rekindle the toxic politics of European anti-Semitism. It will be recalled that Soros was a Nazi collaborator in World War II, and is it anti-Semitic to despise a self-hating Jew? Yet no one could imagine that the Jews of Europe will benefit from an influx of Muslim immigrants. So it appears that once again, Soros is collaborating with the enemies of the Jewish people, while at the same time causing his own enemies to hate Jews!

What is happening in Europe could be a harbinger of our own future, unless more Americans wake up to the danger of cultural Marxism.