Death by cruel stupidity



There is then this perspective as well: What if they gave a pandemic and nobody came?.

Just imagine if no one knew that there has been a ‘novel’ COVID-19 virus ‘pandemic’ sweeping our nation and the world for the past 20 months or so. What if people weren’t subjected to nonstop body count and ‘case’ tallies? What if they didn’t know about the hyper-wrong, grossly inflated death projections in early 2020 from that mathematical virus model and its always-wrong author in England? What if we hadn’t had a similarly accuracy-challenged little Fauci-gnome-man spreading fear and hysteria? What if the CDC hadn’t illegally changed the death coding requirements in early 2020 to count anyone dying with COVID-19 as dying from COVID-19? What if more people knew that the CDC has stated that the number of deaths due to COVID-19 alone is around 6% of the total deaths claimed? What if people knew that the survival rate of those infected with COVID-19 is about 99.7%?

And the what-ifs continue at the link. Someone is up to no good and they are not about to stop. That is about all we can be sure of at this stage, but they will do a lot of damage before they are through, if we can ever get them to stop.