The new new left is even stupider than the old new left

An article you might wish to read THE OLD NEW LEFT AND THE NEW NEW LEFT in a journal you might like to subscribe to: The Claremont Review of Books. Starts wtth the right question:

Will the ’60s ever end? Ever since the ’60s we’ve been debating the ’60s. With the recent bursts of rioting and student activism at Berkeley, Yale, Middlebury, Claremont McKenna, and across the country, even today’s millennials and post-millennials (Generation Z, as they’re called, perched on the very alphabetic cliff) find themselves drafted into nostalgic comparisons with their grandparents’ generation.

My generation, that is. An unusually stupid but arrogant crew that thought itself superior because it rightly fought for equal rights in the American south but wrongly because it fought on the side of the Vietnamese communists and helped deliver the country to a tyranny that is only now being lifted. A very interesting historical summary that can only truly be understood by someone who was there but has completely changed sides.

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