Anti-Semitism is now an integral feature of the left

Sometimes it is merely called anti-Zionism but there ought to be no mistaking what is taking place for what it is. First this from Caroline Glick.

As for the Palestinians’ supporters on US campuses, the Palestinian exception enabled them to wage a war against American Jews on campuses the likes of which the US has arguably never seen.

Over the years, as antisemitic assaults on Jewish students expanded under the headline of pro-Palestinian activism, Jewish students and groups repeatedly sought redress and corrective action from university authorities. In the many cases where those authorities refused to intervene to protect Jewish students, the students and Jewish advocacy groups turned to the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) for protection, but to little or no avail.

In one notable instance, in 2011 the Zionist Organization of America filed a complaint against Rutgers University for failing to protect the civil rights of Jewish students, and the Department of Education rejected their complaint by arguing that it couldn’t prove the assault in question was antisemitic.

That year, a student group named BAKA, (Belief Awareness Kindness Action) organized a campus event that was to be “free and open to the public.” It was titled, “Never Again for Anyone.”

The title of the event made clear that its intent was to compare Israel to Nazi Germany. That is, it was on its face designed to be an antisemitic event.

As the ZOA noted in a statement this week, “When the event organizers saw how many ‘Zionists’ (aka Jews) showed up at the event, they… selectively enforced an admission fee against students who were, or were perceived to be Jewish. Jewish students reported this outrageous and painful and hurtful antisemitic discrimination to the University, which failed to address it.”

Just one instance, you say. Well how about this: Democrats Need Anti-Semites to Win. You should read it all, but here’s a bit that gives you an idea of the whole.

Anti-Semitism does have a home in one of our major parties — the Democratic Party. Obama was the first major Democrat to openly express love and understanding of a blatant anti-Semite, his beloved mentor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Democratic voters showed they could care less. They desperately wanted Obama to win, to be good, to be great, so they pretended twenty years with an anti-Semitic mentor didn’t matter. It was a pivotal moment for the party. Let us hope, not for American history.

Flash forward, and the Democrats choose a Farrakhan man, Keith Ellison, as number 2 to lead the DNC.  Feminists marched on Washington under the leadership of notorious anti-Semites Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory. Obama did his work well. He is dedicating his very large fortune to training a million more like-minded community organizers.

Obama liked to boast that he had no need for white middle America voters — minority demographics would soon ensure Democrats a permanent one-party state. I recall this when I learn that kindergarten through college, anti-Semitic incidents are off the historical charts, and have been doubling yearly the last few years. Kindergarteners are obviously bringing this from home.

“The left knows no bounds for its hatred of others”

A comment at Instapundit in response to this article: The obscene effort to shame ‘Trump’s Jews’.

The left knows no bounds for its hatred of others. None.

What we are seeing is the historical and slow-motion collapse of an American political party – the Democrat Party.

In the past decade they have lost 1,000 elective seats in federal and state governments. They have lost much of the working middle class, and the labor union members. They have called a vast swath of voters “deplorable and irredeemable”. They have happily told formerly reliable Democrat voters that thy are going to end their jobs and raise prices.

They have lied about health insurance, and those lies have cost millions of voters a LOT of money, and the Democrats are utterly dismissive about helping fix the problem they created. They support anarchists who riot in the streets. The support and enforce social justice warriors. They demand that grown perverts use the same bathrooms as voters’ children. They protect criminals and despise the police. The cities they govern have become horrible and expensive places to live. The schools they run are failing.

The newly-elected party leaders hate American history, love Islam, hate democracy.

And now they are attacking their own, and for no good reason, but simply to further the hatred of a properly elected President.

They have no economic policy, no foreign policy, no great dream for America. All they have is hatred, hatred, and more hatred.

They pretend to be nice people but there is no evidence other than what they say about themselves.