The whole world is watching

It is astonishing that Victoria, and Daniel Andrews specifically, is now internationally famous for the approach taken to deal with CV-19: Australian State Goes Full Coronafascist. When this is all finally over Victoria will be remembered as the international low point, not just for its incompetence but for the political viciousness that was applied. While Sweden may be remembered for its light-handed approach, Victoria will be remembered for its totalitarian methods, not to mention its failures at every turn. The writer of the article is English and his article is featured on a major American website. It was also sent to me by a Canadian friend so the word is getting out. This is how the article opens which goes downhill from there.

From this, we come to this comment:

No, this is not a scene from a prequel to Mad Max where Australia gets taken over by fascists. This is actually happening right now in the Australian state of Victoria, under the regime of power-crazed, hard left premier Daniel Andrews. (Or ‘Kim Jong Dan’, as he is known locally.

Victoria has adopted some of the strictest coronavirus rules anywhere in the world, including an 8 p.m. curfew and police roadblocks to discourage any citizens with pesky notions about personal freedom.

Police are even allowed into your home to carry out spot checks — without a warrant and without your permission.

I’ll end with this, but do go to the link to see it all:

Here — courtesy of Lockdown Sceptics — are the new rules imposed on Victoria’s state capitol of Melbourne, to be enforced for at least the next six weeks:

  • The “state of emergency” in Victoria has been upgraded to a “state of disaster”, meaning police can now enter your home to carry out spot checks even if you don’t give them permission and they don’t have a warrant.
  • Between the hours of 8 p.m. and 5 a.m., you’re not allowed to leave your homes except for work, medical care and caregiving.
  • Outside those hours, you may only leave your home for four reasons: shopping for food and essential items, care and caregiving, daily exercise and work. “We can no longer have people simply out and about for no good reason whatsoever,” said Kim Jong Dan.
  • Daily exercise can only take place within a 5km radius of your home and cannot last longer than an hour.
  • You cannot exercise in groups of more than two, even if they’re members of the same household.
  • Apart from daily exercise, you are only allowed to leave your home once a day for essential supplies and food.
  • In the whole of Victoria, you cannot buy more than two of certain essential items, including dairy, meat, vegetables, fish and toilet paper.
  • Schools have closed again, with all Victoria school students returning to remote learning from Wednesday (except for vulnerable children and children of permitted workers). Childcare and kindergarten will be closed from Thursday.
  • Golf and tennis venues, which were open, have now been closed.
  • Weddings will no longer be allowed from Thursday, and funerals will be limited to 10 people.
  • Face nappies anywhere outside your home have been mandatory for people in metropolitan Melbourne since July 22nd, but that rule has now been extended to the entire state of Victoria.
  • You cannot have visitors or go to another person’s house unless it is for the purpose of giving or receiving care. However, you can leave your house to visit a person if you are in an “intimate personal relationship” with them, even during curfew hours. So no “bonk ban”.
  • If you have a holiday home or were planning a holiday outside Melbourne, tough cheese. You must remain in the city for the next six weeks.
  • The maximum fine for breaching a health order currently stands at $1,652, but Kim Jong Dan said he would have more to say about penalties later today, i.e. he’s going to increase them.

We’re just used to it because we live in the middle of it all. The saddest part is that others can recognise Victoria and Dan Andrews for what they are, but we for the most part cannot.

The Daniel Andrews cult and the Melbourne Syndrome

I am astonished at the ring of endorsements for Daniel Andrews’ stupendous level of incompetence. Everything he does is filled with massive levels of stupidity which has led to failure at every stage. It is possibly because I have been onto this socialist nitwit from well before the coronavirus arrived. See, for example, Dan Andrews worse than Joan Kirner. From which:

Let’s face it. Daniel Andrews is the worst political leader, the most economically illiterate Premier, we may have ever had in Victoria and I lived through the days of Joan Kirner. When the place goes bankrupt, as it must, we will relive the 1890s collapse and then some.

Victoria is already bankrupt. Has been for a while now. We are dealing with a man of such utter vacuity that it is breathtaking. He started with this $2 billion cancellation of a road that had been proposed by the previous Liberal government for which contracts had been signed, and it has been downhill all the way since then. I can only think everyone is a socialist now and have endorsed Andrews’ policies. His monument will be the other billion dollar plus folly, the train station at The Shrine which no one will ever go to assuming it is ever actually built.

And then there’s the The Melbourne Syndrome.

Feelings of trust or affection felt during a lockdown by its victims towards their most authoritarian political leaders.

I can think of no other reason for others – even those on the supposed right – to give Andrews the pass. Andrews needs to go, and the Liberal Party needs to get a leader in Victoria able to actually present an articulate case in defence of our freedoms along with being able to put in practical policies about the virus that actually make things better and not worse.


Michael Bruce Baird AO is an Australian investment banker and former politician who was the 44th Premier of New South Wales, the Minister for Infrastructure, the Minister for Western Sydney, and the Leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party from April 2014 to January 2017.

And this is what he said:

Dan Andrews and I don’t agree about everything but I know that he loves his state and considers it a privilege to serve as its Premier. I formed a friendship with him during my time at COAG and saw during this period his desire to try to do what was right….

What is happening in Victoria is incredibly challenging and indeed tragic. I don’t know all the details of what has transpired but it is terrible and I think most people across the country are just waiting for some good news to emerge. Almost as if we are willing the virus away.

It is not the time to second-guess or finger point. Yes we need to be agile and learn on the run, but a pile on helps no-one.

When the dust settles, there will be time for reflection. And when mistakes are made, there will be accountability.

But in the fog of this battle, I believe we should choose to stand in support of our leaders and offer our admiration, and our thanks….

And it goes for Dan who I know is working his absolute guts out to save lives.

Let’s support him as he tries to do the impossible.

Daniel Andrews is as thick as two planks. He has not put a foot right since this CV-19 began. Mike Baird is part of the problem and like DA, is in no way part of the solution.

State of ignorance

Ah Victoria. Not only keeping our schools closed but this as well: Victoria massive $773m deficit revealed as tough restrictions to stay, despite mass job losses.

Victoria is facing a budget deficit of $773 million with Treasurer Tim Pallas saying “the worst is yet to come”.

The March Quarterly results revealed on Friday show Victoria has had its $618 million surplus forecast for 2019/20 wiped out as a result of the pandemic.

Mr Pallas however said the blow was “not as bad” as previously expected but said the numbers were likely to get worse.

Going forward he has ruled out a surplus in the near future saying “these are unprecedented times and our focus is on families”.

“We are not chasing surplus and we will not be posting a surplus in this year’s budget,” he said….

Net debt is expected to rise to $38.9 billion, but Mr Pallas said the debt profile and expenditure would be evaluated in the lead up to when the budget is released in October.

Make sense of this if you can. Labor is trashing the place with no obvious connection to virus control.

Is Victoria going bankrupt?

I’d heard vaguely about selling off bits of Vic Roads but not about the rest. From ‘Disaster’: Union boss slams private sector involvement in VicRoads.

“The Andrews Labor government has already sold off the Land Titles and Registry Office and it appears VicRoads’ most sensitive functions are next in line,” Ms Darmanin said.

That is incredible! Labor Governments do not privatise. They do not “work in co-operation with the private sector to provide better services.” But what they often do, when they have run out of other peoples’ money, is look inside every hollow log to find spare cash when every other source of revenue has already been spent and committed.

Comes with this today: Extra $14.5bn spent on Labor states’ bureaucracy splurge.

Victoria and Queensland have supercharged their public sector workforces, hiring more than 100,000 new staff over the past five years at a cost to taxpayers of an extra $14.5bn a year in wages and salaries.

Staff numbers in the two biggest Labor states have swollen about five times faster than in NSW, according to analysis by the NSW Treasury, which found NSW had experienced the slowest growth nationwide in both headcount and dollar cost.

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet, whose government has faced criticism over the adequacy of its workforce during the recent bushfires, said his state was focused on frontline staff and not “bloated backroom bureaucracy”.

Incredible difference in attitude between NSW and the Labor states. When and if Labor finally gets tossed out in Victoria, they will leave a disaster behind that no one will be able to fix. Socialists only know how to plunder. They know nothing about what it takes to create wealth and prosperity.

But what bothers me even more is how bizarre economic theory has become that no one working in Treasury can any longer even see what the problem is.