Off with his head

I’m having trouble working out whether this is a positive story or a hatchet job: Explosive text messages of a Labor political ‘assassin’. It’s the lead story in The Oz. It begins:

The federal Labor MP embroiled in the branch-stacking scandal discussed the possible “decapitation” of an ALP colleague, savaged Bill Shorten as a disloyal and ungrateful private schoolboy, and wished for Daniel Andrews’s “political death”.

Federal Labor MP Anthony Byrne also attacked one former NSW powerbroker as a “crooked, corrupt f..k’’ and dismissed his federal colleagues as lacking the “judgment, understanding and intelligence’’ of ousted Victorian minister Adem Somyurek.

Among dozens of text messages sent by Mr Byrne to his longtime friend Mr Somyurek over a two-year period, the federal MP describes a female Labor figure as a “ratf..ker’’….

The Victorian backbencher uses graphic language to express his hatred of political enemies, including former Left powerbroker Alan Griffin. “I want Griffin destroyed. I want his head cut off and then I am going to piss on his corpse,’’ he wrote.

I only wish it was the Victorian Liberal Party they were discussing in thinking about how to deal with Labor and Daniel Andrews. The weirdest part about how this article is written is that it discusses “the possible ‘decapitation’ of an ALP colleague” as if it was meant literally. And the Herald Sun has the same kind of front page – Vile Text Bombshell – pretending this is an anti-Labor scandal when what it really does is solidify Daniel Andrews as Premier.

Honestly, what’s wrong with any of these quotes? This is politics as it really is.

Anthony Byrne’s secret text messages

Byrne: “Dastyari is such a crooked, corrupt f..k.”  [Referring to former NSW Labor Senator Sam Dastyari.] — 31 Jul 2017, 9.29am.

Byrne on Michael Danby: “Good riddance to the bastard.’’

Byrne: “I am going to cut that moccas (sic) head off.’’  [Referring to a former Bill Shorten adviser.] — 18 Sep 2017, 9.30am.

Byrne: “Griffin has tried to f..k me on a redistribution…..this is a cluster f..k.’’ [Referring to former federal Labor MP Alan Griffin.]  — 8 Nov 2017, 9.40am.

Byrne: “I want Griffin destroyed. I want his head cut off and then I am going to piss on his corpse.’’

Byrne: “….Hope Daniel (Andrews) enjoys the victory. I hope this signs his death warrant politically.’’ [Expressing anger treatment of former state minister Jane Garrett.]

Byrne: “Left are playing around Afghans. I am about to dynamite that tonight with Afghan ambassador.’’

Byrne: “Now there is a picture of a man who gets his just deserts.’’ [Reference to former Victorian treasurer John Lenders who was caught up in the red shirts affair.]

Byrne: “No support from Shorten whatsover (sic). He makes me sick to my stomach with his ingratitude….if I saw Bill today I would throw him out of my office.’’

Byrne: “I am up here literally saving the party on national security…..’’

Byrne: “Mate. Just letting you know that providing I get relected (sic) at the next election, next term will be my last term. Just wanted to give you some time so you can start thinking about who you want to replace me with. BTW when I leave I will have nothing further to do with politics unlike Conroy and others who have nothing better to do. So to be clear, when I leave that’s it. I will go back to being a civilian which I am very much looking forward to….you are the first to know so giving you that courtesy. Best Anthony.  — 1 Nov 2018, 9.33am

Byrne: “ Shorten doesn’t know so I’d appreciate you not telling him….will do so myself when there is some space.’’

Byrne: “He (state minister Martin Pakula) needs to be driven out of parliament.’’

Byrne to Somyurek: “ Not one of them is anywhere near your level of judgment, understanding and intelligence.’’

Byrne to Somyurek: “Mate. Good luck with national executive vote. Wish I was there to see it. To have picked yourself up from the canvas the way you have done to become a minister, a very powerful powerbroker and to now be on national executive is an astonishing achievement. It takes enormous courage and intelligence to achieve what you’ve done. Well done mate. AB

Byrne: “Because if she (Labor operative) mucks you up I will make sure she guest stars in the next four corners hatchet job on China. Which I will be on. Watch her, she’s a ratf..ker.’’

Byrne: “At the end of the day he is a white Anglo Xavier boy. He’s never put anyone into parliament. And he’s never thanked me for getting him preselected after Conroy tried to … me’’

Byrne: “I really want to destroy Mocca to make a point. We have to make an example of him to teach others not to play around.’’

Byrne urging Somyurek to go federal: “This is why you need to get up here. They all r (sic) a mess.”

Byrne: “On the plane with Bill and the drunk (female Labor figure). She’s dribbling shit.’’

Byrne: “Can you please meet with this Indian kid anyway. Everyone is so happy to keep things the way they are in my office. (ALP figure) is a nice guy but not the killer I need….even to have him doing something around this would be good. He clearly can recruit…..’’  — 12 Mar 2019, 9.53am

Byrne: “Sometimes I miss the old days when we were at war. At least we were fighting for something and there was energy and drive. I feel like it’s a morgue at the moment.’’

Byrne: “Apparently (staffer) is too busy to door knock those Afghans for me on the weekend because he’s with (another Labor figure).’’

Byrne: “Can you ring (staffer Alex) Stalder. She compiled that master list…then (another staffer) rings her telling her you called do she feels cut out of the loop on the list she compiled.’’

Daniel Andrews is an economic fool

For sheer hypocritical moronic stupidity, it’s hard to beat this from Mr Lockdown Victoria about his putting the state into hock to the Chinese:

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has defended the state’s relationship with China, saying any cooling of the partnership would cost jobs.

He cannot see what’s wrong with China because they are doing just what he would do himself if he could. The people of Victoria have with blind faith in miracles, put the state’s economy into the hands of the person least capable of directing us towards growth and prosperity. The last line of the story is pure enchantment:

Mr Andrews travelled to China to sign a second BRI deal in October last year, agreeing on areas of co-operation including increasing the involvement of Chinese companies in Victoria’s $107bn infrastructure program.

Infrastructure spending – such as the tunnel and the train – literally means public spending on loss-making projects. Economic ignorance comes at a very high price and we are going to pay it. The Federal Government, if for no other reason than to protect itself never mind Australia’s future, must prevent this communist jerk from ruining the economy.

The kinds of forecasts we are dealing with seem similar to this: Australia’s coronavirus response avoided about 14,000 deaths, Chief Medical Officer says. That is the story from just today!

Did we really elect Daniel Andrews to tell us whether we could visit our mothers on Mothers’ Day?

State premiers are mostly to decide about making the trains run on time or which roads to build. They are not designed to deal with plagues and other such disasters, and quite frankly I don’t want them to. And from what I’ve seen so far, when it comes to Daniel Andrews, he has no clue about anything beyond how to create large loss-making projects to employ members of the Construction Unions at excessive rates of pay. He has a great bed-side manner so that in spite of the tragic consequences his premiership will in the long run lead to, he was electable. My guess is that he will never run for premier again since by the time he will need to be re-elected in three years’ time, the disaster he has overseen and led us into will either be fully visible to us all, or certainly visible to everyone within the Labor Government. He will bail out before everything becomes unmistakably clear, leaving it to the Joan Kirner of the time to take the rap while Dan the Man escapes with his reputation intact just the way John Cain Jr had previously done.

So why has he insisted that we do not see our Mothers on Mother’s Day, or allow our children to visit their Mothers and Grandmothers? Because he can. We can tell he is oh so benevolent and kind because he is a socialist which proves he cares about us and wants only the best. To me, however, he is a socialist and therefore is a tyrant who wants to tell us what to do because it is the power he has that gives him pleasure. He hates achievement and success. He hates people who can successfully run a business. He pretends to worry about whether we become ill with the Chinese flu.

But here’s the reality. Anyone who delays by that one single day in allowing us to visit our parents and grandparents until the day after Mother’s Day reveals himself for what he really is. And the same goes for any other premier who has done the same. They are wicked people.

Socialists never let opportunities go to waste

The point I will be trying to make is that the more you tell a socialist that what they are doing will be very harmful to business, the more they will be encouraged to do whatever it is. Do you really think Daniel Andrews is trying to get the Victorian economy rolling again? He is a member of the Victorian Socialist Left faction. Does that suggest anything at all to you? It should.

Let’s begin here with this from The Age which would not lie about this: Premier’s faction loses to union-stacked rebel alliance in committee vote. And just what faction is that?

Premier Daniel Andrews’ Socialist Left powerbase ….

Mr Andrews’ Socialist Left faction ….

Let us take it as read that Daniel Andrews is a socialist as far to the left as he can possibly be.

Then there is this:

Anticapitalism is a political ideology and movement encompassing a variety of attitudes and ideas that oppose capitalism. In this sense, anticapitalists are those who wish to replace capitalism with another type of economic system, usually some form of socialism.

Finally, just what constitutes socialism in the modern world? From Wikipedia and obviously written by one of its fans.

Socialism is a politicalsocial and economic philosophy encompassing a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership[1][2][3] of the means of production and workers’ self-management of enterprises. It includes the political theories and movements associated with such systems. Social ownership can be publiccollectivecooperative or of equity While no single definition encapsulates many types of socialism, social ownership is the one common element. It aims to circumvent the inefficiencies and crises traditionally associated with capital accumulation and the profit system in capitalism.

The one common element, that is, is to get rid of the market economy, to get rid of business enterprise, to replace business with state control.

Socialists pretend to care about you but no socialist government in history has ever improved the circumstances of the people over whom they ruled. Not Lenin, not Stalin, not Mao, not Pol Pot, not Castro, not Maduro. They run on hatred and envy.

In Victoria, there has been such a phenomenal increase in waste and debt. Ask about our new train line. Learn about the desal plant. Find out about the metro tunnel.

The $11 billion Metro Tunnel’s independent cost advisers have warned its financial backers the project could face many millions of dollars in extra costs and months of delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Socialists only bring ruin in their wake. They cannot manage an economy nor can they deal with a free people. So long as there are viable parties that exist to call them out and a political system that stands in their way. Until then, they show only pretend concern. We are not called Victoriastan for nothing.

Lucky country no more

This sort of thing is always news to politicians, most of the community and to almost all economists: The Economy Doesn’t Need Government ‘Help’ To Reopen.

Governments don’t create economies. It’s not only beyond their legitimate functions, it’s beyond their abilities. They need to stay out of the way and let the wisdom of markets steer us back to normal.

“The wisdom of markets!” Do you think Dangerous Dan Andrews would have any idea what that means? There are many others I would ask that same question of but will leave it there. Because this is the reality that comes in the very next sentence after.

But some officials see an opening through which they can drive their big government dreams.

These people are incompetent to direct an economy. Or let me put it this way. THESE PEOPLE ARE INCOMPETENT TO DIRECT AN ECONOMY. This is Daniel Andrews bio from Wikipedia.

Andrews was born in Williamstown, a suburb of Melbourne, to Bob Andrews (1950–2016) and Jan (born 1944). In 1983 his family moved to Wangaratta, where he was educated at the Marist Brothers‘ Galen Catholic College.[1] Andrews moved back to Melbourne in 1990 to attend Monash University, where he was a resident of Mannix College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in politics and classics in 1996. After graduating, Andrews became an electorate officer for federal Labor MP Alan Griffin. He worked at the party’s head office from 1999 to 2002, initially as an organiser, and then as assistant state secretary.

Following his election to parliament in the Legislative Assembly seat of Mulgrave at the 2002 election, Andrews was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Health in the Steve Bracks Labor government. Following the 2006 election, Andrews was appointed to the Cabinet, becoming Minister for Gaming, Minister for Consumer Affairs and Minister Assisting the Premier on Multicultural Affairs. In 2007, Andrews became Minister for Health in the John Brumby Labor government….

Brumby resigned as leader of the Victorian Labor Party following the Labor defeat at the 2010 election, after 11 years of Labor governments. On 3 December 2010, Andrews was elected Victorian Labor Party leader, becoming Leader of the Opposition in Victoria.

At the [2014] election, Labor gained seven seats for a total of 47, a majority of two.

And thus Daniel Andrews, economic cypher but socialist extrordinare became premier. And now he not only guides Victoria right towards the rocks, but he is signalling the way for the Feds to do the same. Shall I mention Scott Morrison and his career. Why not?

Morrison was born in Sydney and studied economic geography at the University of New South Wales. He worked as director of the New Zealand Office of Tourism and Sport from 1998 to 2000 and was managing director of Tourism Australia from 2004 to 2006. Morrison was also state director of the New South Wales Liberal Party from 2000 to 2004. He was later elected to the House of Representatives at the 2007 election, representing the Division of Cook in New South Wales.

Etc etc. And just how on top of things is our PM? The news just in: Scott Morrison to push for WHO to be given ‘weapons inspector powers’.

Australia will push for the World Health Organisation to be given the powers of an international “weapons inspector” that would be mandated to enter a country without invitation to trace the source of outbreaks in any future pandemics.

It is believed that Scott Morrison raised the idea with world leaders over the past several days while seeking a consensus for reform of the organisation be given priority and should not wait for any review or investigation into COVID-19 pandemic which could take as long as five years.

It is believed that Scott Morrison raised the idea with world leaders over the past several days while seeking a consensus for reform of the organisation be given priority and should not wait for any review or investigation into COVID-19 pandemic which could take as long as five years.

Let me add that after all this disruption, the most useful way to get us back to something like how things only so recently were is not to disrupt markets any further but just let conditions work themselves out on their own. Gently, gently. Thus we have the Head of the RBA coming up with this:

Handing down a detailed assessment of the damage being wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Lowe warned that the nation could not rely on a quick return to a pre-coronavirus economy and suggested long-ignored calls for income, consumption and land tax reform, as well as stripping regulations that stifle innovation, would need to be revived.

Does no one in charge know how to run an economy any more?