The Queen may be the only one in England who really likes Donald Trump

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In contrast, let us say, with Theresa May: Donald Trump to get parting shot from Theresa May during London visit.

US President Donald Trump and Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: Getty

Here’s some text.

Theresa May will give Donald Trump a copy of Winston Churchill’s blueprint for the United Nations in a parting shot at his America First approach to international and trade relations.

The prime minister today will hand the US president a framed copy of the wartime leader’s Atlantic Charter agreed with Franklin D Roosevelt in August 1941.

The eight-point agreement on Allied war aims and vision of a post-war world became the basis of multilateral institutions including the UN and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).

The document, with Churchill’s handwritten amendments, is an explicit reminder that many of the institutions opposed by President Trump were conceived by the US and UK.

President Trump has repeatedly criticised multilateral bodies including the UN and his willingness to use tariffs to further US economic aims runs directly counter to one of the key tenets of the Atlantic Charter.

Mrs May’s choice of gift may lack subtlety but is consistent — she has been trying to give him the same lesson since he took office.

At least on this one matter, she can agree with the leader of the Labour Party: Jeremy Corbyn to lead massive protest against Trump in London

Do you think things might have changed just a tad since 1941? I imagine that Churchill and Trump would have gotten on extremely well. I cannot think of anything of importance they would have disagreed about.

And from P in the comments:

These are truly people who like each other.