Other than the Swedes who cares about the Swedish election?

From Swedish election: deadlock as far right makes gains.

  • Sweden faces a period of political uncertainty after an election that did not leave either main parliamentary bloc with a majority
  • With more than 99% of the vote counted, the centre-left bloc is sitting on 40.6% and the centre-right on 40.2%
  • Analysts predict long negotiations, potentially taking weeks, will be needed to create a majority or a plausible minority government
  • The populist, anti-immigrant party Sweden Democrats won 17.6% of the vote, up on the 12.9% it scored in 2014, but well below the 25% predicted in some polls.
  • The governing Social Democrats, led by prime minister Stefan Löfven, saw their score fall to 28.4%, the lowest for a century but maintained their record of finishing first in every election since 1917
  • Löfven said he would not be resigning, and urged cross-bloc cooperation. He also said the Sweden Democrats “can never, and will never, offer anything that will help society. They will only increase division and hate.”

In fact, part of the biggest story of our times.