A reminder of what we are up against

First this, since this is the existential threat to our entire Western Civilisation, spelled out as clearly as could be said: Merkel: “Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty”.

This is what German Chancellor Angela Merkel told attendants at an event by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin on Wednesday.

“In an orderly fashion of course,” Merkel went on to say. She even went so far as to condemn those in her own Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party who think Germany should withdraw from the controversial UN migration pact [as Australia has done]:

“There were [politicians]who believed that they could decide when these agreements are no longer valid because they are representing The People”.

And that is what they say in public.

And then there is this from Powerline which comes under the heading: Progressives are Crazy, which is more than evident

That is a proposition for which we see overwhelming evidence on a daily basis. For today, consider these two videos of progressives gone mad.

The first features, to all appearances, a man with long hair. But he goes insane in a game store when he considers himself to be “misgendered.” My favorite moment is when he threatens to “tell the entire LGBTQ community” about the horror he has experienced. PJMedia posted the Facebook video with a headline referring to ‘roid rage, which seems right. But do men take anabolic steroids when they transition? Not that I know of. The video has been viewed more than 9 million times so far:

The second video is another instance of progressive rage, although in this case the lefty doesn’t look like a steroid user. A guy goes into a vape shop wearing a MAGA hat, and the progressive clerk refuses to serve him. The customer gets out his phone and starts filming, which sends the clerk into a liberal rage against President Trump and free enterprise:

It would be a mistake, of course, to draw conclusions from just two data points. Nevertheless, I will hazard this observation: progressives are crazy.

Not to mention climate change [aka global warming]. This via Instapundit:

SNOWFALLS ARE JUST A THING OF THE PAST: How to Understand The Religion of Climate Change and Those Who Believe In The End Times.

Related: Absolutely Clueless: Meet the Press just devoted an entire hour to what Dems apparently think is the top issue for America.

And then there’s this from Nancy Pelosi but could just as easily have been our own Malcolm: ‘The Existential Threat of the Climate Crisis’ Threatens ‘The Whole of God’s Creation’.

“The American people have demanded action to combat the climate crisis, which threatens our public health, our economy, our national security and the whole of God’s creation. Together, we must protect public health by reducing air pollution, create jobs by making America preeminent in green technologies, defend our national security by preventing climate-driven instability and uphold our sacred moral responsibility to leave a healthy, sustainable future for generations to come.”

Nor finally can we leave out their wish to impose a socialist state on the rest of us, from Teen Vogue of all things: The Economic Crisis in Venezuela, Explained. I’m not sure it was explained, but at least it was described. But this is where they will take us if we let them.

Marrakesh express derailed

Migration is not a solution to world poverty. Economic growth and development is the only solution. Make poor countries less poor, not make wealthy countries also poor. This is the final para in a post by Judy in The Weekend Oz: World in no hurry to board the Marrakesh Express on migration.

The principal roles of a sovereign government are to protect the nation’s borders and to act in the best interests of its own citizens. To do otherwise is to invite internal dissent, something Macron is beginning to learn. There are lessons for other world leaders.

Such as our own! A few more quotes for those who are paywalled out.

Individual countries are more than capable of sorting out the size and type of immigrants they require….

The final version was belted out across 18 months of expensive consultations. But note that many ­parties who made suggestions to rework the document — to ­emphasise the importance of countries’ sovereignty, for example — essentially were ignored.

Last week, a spokesman for the US government summed up that country’s refusal to sign the compact by labelling it “an effort by the United Nations to advance global governance at the expense of the sovereign right of states”….

The central aim of the compact is to convert illegal migration into regular migration, with all the ­assoc­iated privileges accorded to legal migrants…. Economic migration is seen as an inalienable human right….

The compact then dives into equally dangerous water by stating that one objective is to “eliminate all forms of discrimination and promote evidence-based public discourse to shape perceptions of migration”. In other words, descriptions of migration that are not positive and fulsome should not be permitted….

If we look at the attitudes of ­ordinary citizens to migration around the world, it is clear that a rising proportion is opposed to high migrant intakes. Indeed, in many countries, the largest proportion of citizens would prefer ­reduced or zero migration.”

Other than the Swedes who cares about the Swedish election?

From Swedish election: deadlock as far right makes gains.

  • Sweden faces a period of political uncertainty after an election that did not leave either main parliamentary bloc with a majority
  • With more than 99% of the vote counted, the centre-left bloc is sitting on 40.6% and the centre-right on 40.2%
  • Analysts predict long negotiations, potentially taking weeks, will be needed to create a majority or a plausible minority government
  • The populist, anti-immigrant party Sweden Democrats won 17.6% of the vote, up on the 12.9% it scored in 2014, but well below the 25% predicted in some polls.
  • The governing Social Democrats, led by prime minister Stefan Löfven, saw their score fall to 28.4%, the lowest for a century but maintained their record of finishing first in every election since 1917
  • Löfven said he would not be resigning, and urged cross-bloc cooperation. He also said the Sweden Democrats “can never, and will never, offer anything that will help society. They will only increase division and hate.”

In fact, part of the biggest story of our times.