Tikkun olam is a form of self-destructive madness

I’ll start with this as an entry point: Western Self-Loathing: The Disease. Here is the central point:

Pride in the West’s accomplishments was reduced to guilt for the West’s success. And now the guilt has mutated into self-hate. Ceaselessly, we are bombarded with declarations of how evil we are, how our ancestors did terrible wrongs, and how we are responsible for righting the wrongs, for paying a weregild with the death of our own evil civilization. Anything less is a moral evil.

Let me now narrow all this down to one particular syndrome of this same disease, which is basically a mental disorder: Liberal Jews are destroying their own religion. I can see that as one attempt to try to stop others from murdering them, a strategy may well be to try to spread a message and ethic of universal love and tolerance. I can see that as a strategy that might succeed in some circumstances, but can also see that in other circumstances, in most other circumstances, it will not work even in the slightest. The human race as a universal brotherhood is only a message that will work among people who already feel brotherly love for each other. For anyone else, it is a message that is stone cold dead. So let me get back to Liberal Jews and Judaism.

American Judaism is broken because the Jewish left broke it.

A tiresome fixation on “tikkun olam,” which literally means “repair of the world,” has allowed Judaism to fall into disrepair. . . .

The truth is that tikkun olam and its leftist politics have no basis in Judaism. Tikkun olam is not Judaism at all but a distinct religion, whose adherents, it might be said, have culturally appropriated this ancient faith. This religion of tikkun olam commands the allegiance of most non-Orthodox Jews (and some Orthodox ones), who make up the overwhelming majority of the American Jewish community. The dogma of this religion is appealingly simple: Judaism is tikkun olam, which is social justice, which is liberalism. The Jews are called upon to do no less — and no more — than cultivate a liberal paradise in America [in Israel too, and everywhere else as well.].

To believe anything so insane requires you to have tuned out reality almost until it has faded into near invisibility. Because no one who is aware of the hatred of our enemies can be in any doubt about not just the impossibility of the task, but of the suicidal mission involved. Let me refer you to a comment at Powerline from a post on Why she hates Israel. Here is what tikkun olam really means.

The terribly stupid and unsuccessful Gaza invasion of Israel by Hamas is not a “protest,” let alone a “peaceful protest.” It was not even a riot; it was a terribly stupid and unsuccessful attempted invasion of Israel by Hamas. Here below is Hamas Co-Founder Mahmoud Al-Zahar proudly admitting that the Hamas protests in Gaza are not “peaceful”: “when we talk about ‘peaceful resistance’ we are deceiving the public.” Here below also is a video of a captured Gazan who also revealed the “protest” tactics of Hamas which true created, organized, directed, orchestrated and choreographed the “protests.” Here below also are numerous videos of Hamas and Gazans admitting the truth of the Gaza “protests” of Hamas:






What is the intent of the alleged “peaceful” Hamas protests? Their intent is the longstanding intent of Hamas. Here is Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh stating: “we must behead ALL Jews, and to crush INFANT skulls all day. To be heroic is to target the babies of the Jews. . . a greater friend to us Palestinians is Hitler.”https://youtu.be/-WC-NYA8B6Y


Here is Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar encouraging the “peaceful” protesters what to do at the protests: “TEAR OUT THEIR (JEWS’) HEARTS FROM THEIR BODIES.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klFbf6VG7uA&feature=youtu.be

Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh states in this video, lest anyone deny that Hamas organizes, directs, orchestrates and choreographs the alleged protests and deny the true intent of the Gazan protests: “Hamas is the canon, and we are the ammunition.” https://youtu.be/y2m_gy-rD_s

Here is the Hamas leader Khaled Mash’al declaring the murder of Americans: “Oh Americans, ALLAH WILL PUNISH YOU. The time has come for ALLAH TO DECLARE WAR ON YOU. . . DEATH TO AMERICA.” Gazans want to murder Americans as well as all Jews. The video also goes on to show Hamas leader Fathi Hammad stating: “killing a single Jew is the same as killing 30 million Jews.” See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW4RMCO5hQk

The desire of the people of Gaza to murder Jews is not limited to Hamas. It also includes the Muslim Clerics of Gaza. In the above video, one Muslim Cleric states: “The annihilation of Jews here in Palestine is one of the most splendid blessings for Palestine.”

Because of its murderous Anti-Semitism, YouTube was forced to remove this Hamas-Gaza cleric video to his supportive Gazan audience in which he encourages the Gazan Protests: “the best way to describe the record of the Prophet’s treatment of the Jews is one of violence and force toward the Jews. . . I call upon every Muslim: Do not stand idly by and let those Jews spread corruption upon the land. [You must] carry out glorious deeds against them. One of the greatest duties, and one of the best forms of worship in our day, is to fight those Jews.” https://www.memri.org/…/youtube-censors-memri-removes…

This Hamas-Gaza cleric states to his supportive Gazan audience the true intent of the protests: “we must return to [our land] – above ground, underground, by means of demonstrations, bombs, weapons, explosives, explosive belts.”https://www.memri.org/…/hamas-cleric-abu-funun-we-must…

This Hamas-Gaza cleric states to his supportive Gazan audience the true intent of the protests: “the Great Return March. . . is a form of Jihad. It does not eliminate the need for Jihad by the sword, by missiles, and by rockets. They go hand in hand.” https://www.memri.org/…/gaza-friday-sermon-abu-jleidan…

Until the world manages to heal itself through an evolutionary progression during the next thousand years or so, my preference until then, and not before then, is a compact of mutual self-defence in the company of those we can trust, with a sharp lookout for the murderously aggressive instincts of everyone else.

Sometimes your enemy’s enemy is your enemy too

Sometime around the 1960s, the left decided to switch sides on its allegiances in the Middle East and since then Israel has been the villain. That Israel, with its majority Jewish population, has been threatened with destruction since it was founded in 1948 is of no mind to the Europeans who had tried to do the same thing a few years before, and is part of the mindset of the national socialists of today who would see the outcome worked towards by the National Socialists of an earlier era. Stalin’s death, among other things, forestalled the “Doctor’s Plot” which would have been a Soviet purge of its Jewish population. And to its last days, if you were a child of or a grandchild of someone who was Jewish, it was stamped on your internal passport even if you were not interested in your own Jewish origins, never mind not being allowed to practise your mandated religious identity even if you had wished to. Hamas and Hezbollah and the rest are just part of an anti-Semitic Israeli ethos that has existed since the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948.

But in siding with Israel’s Islamist enemies, these same leftist fools have not just given them official cover and supported their efforts, they have gone well beyond that, not only pretending that their self-declared ideological enemies are the morally virtuous side, but have allowed, if not actually encouraged, mass migration of Islamists into their own societies as a form of showing their virtue and solidarity with the “oppressed”. Sweden is now the textbook example of civilisational suicide, with Merkel’s Germany right up there with the worst of them. I would be of a mind to say they are getting just what they deserve, but this is also my culture they are putting to the torch. And that they most certainly are. Your enemy’s enemy is not your friend, as they are finding out to their immense regret, but to my immense regret as well.

Gramscian prescriptions

This is from a much longer post on Gramscian Damage by Eric Raymond which is interesting even if you don’t know what “Gramscian” means. It’s a wicked world out there, as he explains:

The Soviets consciously followed the Gramscian prescription; they pursued a war of position, subverting the “leading elements” of society through their agents of influence. (See, for example, Stephen Koch’s Double Lives: Stalin, Willi Munzenberg and the Seduction of the Intellectuals) This worked exactly as expected; their memes seeped into Western popular culture and are repeated endlessly in (for example) the products of Hollywood.

Indeed, the index of Soviet success is that most of us no longer think of these memes as Communist propaganda. It takes a significant amount of digging and rethinking and remembering, even for a lifelong anti-Communist like myself, to realize that there was a time (within the lifetime of my parents) when all of these ideas would have seemed alien, absurd, and repulsive to most people — at best, the beliefs of a nutty left-wing fringe, and at worst instruments of deliberate subversion intended to destroy the American way of life.

Koch shows us that the worst-case scenario was, as it turns out now, the correct one; these ideas, like the “race bomb” rumor, really were instruments deliberately designed to destroy the American way of life. Another index of their success is that most members of the bicoastal elite can no longer speak of “the American way of life” without deprecation, irony, or an automatic and half-conscious genuflection towards the altar of political correctness. In this and other ways, the corrosive effects of Stalin’s meme war have come to utterly pervade our culture.

He also linked to an earlier post of his, Suicidalism, which has a convenient list of ways in which we are ruining our own culture by adopting ideological positions that no other society would ever come close to copying. Why we create such rabid enemies from among our own citizens, I do not know. But all this is much too familiar to need to have to argue about since you can come across each of these sentiments pretty well everywhere across the West:

There is no truth, only competing agendas.

All Western (and especially American) claims to moral superiority over Communism/Fascism/Islam are vitiated by the West’s history of racism and colonialism.

There are no objective standards by which we may judge one culture to be better than another. Anyone who claims that there are such standards is an evil oppressor.

The prosperity of the West is built on ruthless exploitation of the Third World; therefore Westerners actually deserve to be impoverished and miserable.

Crime is the fault of society, not the individual criminal.

Poor criminals are entitled to what they take. Submitting to criminal predation is more virtuous than resisting it.

The poor are victims. Criminals are victims. And only victims are virtuous. Therefore only the poor and criminals are virtuous. (Rich people can borrow some virtue by identifying
with poor people and criminals.)

For a virtuous person, violence and war are never justified. It is always better to be a victim than to fight, or even to defend oneself. But “oppressed” people are allowed to use violence anyway; they are merely reflecting the evil of their oppressors.

When confronted with terror, the only moral course for a Westerner is to apologize for past sins, understand the terrorist’s point of view, and make concessions.

But we might still save our selves in the end, since none of these are true while all are pernicious as more and more people are beginning to find out. In the meantime, read both of his posts.