Sometimes your enemy’s enemy is your enemy too

Sometime around the 1960s, the left decided to switch sides on its allegiances in the Middle East and since then Israel has been the villain. That Israel, with its majority Jewish population, has been threatened with destruction since it was founded in 1948 is of no mind to the Europeans who had tried to do the same thing a few years before, and is part of the mindset of the national socialists of today who would see the outcome worked towards by the National Socialists of an earlier era. Stalin’s death, among other things, forestalled the “Doctor’s Plot” which would have been a Soviet purge of its Jewish population. And to its last days, if you were a child of or a grandchild of someone who was Jewish, it was stamped on your internal passport even if you were not interested in your own Jewish origins, never mind not being allowed to practise your mandated religious identity even if you had wished to. Hamas and Hezbollah and the rest are just part of an anti-Semitic Israeli ethos that has existed since the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948.

But in siding with Israel’s Islamist enemies, these same leftist fools have not just given them official cover and supported their efforts, they have gone well beyond that, not only pretending that their self-declared ideological enemies are the morally virtuous side, but have allowed, if not actually encouraged, mass migration of Islamists into their own societies as a form of showing their virtue and solidarity with the “oppressed”. Sweden is now the textbook example of civilisational suicide, with Merkel’s Germany right up there with the worst of them. I would be of a mind to say they are getting just what they deserve, but this is also my culture they are putting to the torch. And that they most certainly are. Your enemy’s enemy is not your friend, as they are finding out to their immense regret, but to my immense regret as well.

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