“Stark staring mad”

“Australians not living in Victoria cannot possibly fathom how ‘barking mad this place is’ or how mad its government has become …”

And so what if it is, what then? It’s not as if we are locked up with a psychopathic moonbat moronic low-IQ fool in command. And if 61% are happy with the Premier whose policies have directly led to the deaths of over 700 people, be grateful, you are living in the essence of a democratic society. Majority rule, right? At least he is making the trains run on time even if no one has anywhere to go more than 5km from their homes.

A reminder to lovers of reason

I don’t know why this is news to anyone – Bolt Report back – and bigger – but it has not gone unremarked amongst those who somehow find this displeasing. From Andrew Bolt:

The Twitterverse has exploded in rage, but I trust lovers of reason won’t be displeased:

NEWS Corp Australia columnist Andrew Bolt is being given more airtime with his Network Ten show to double in length to one hour when it returns on March 2.

The new-look The Bolt Report will include a new segment, called News Watch, which promises “to put the media under genuine scrutiny”.

The fun starts at 10am and 4pm on Sunday, March 2.

I believe this is meant to be a complaint, but I shall treat it as a request:

gerard mcdermott on bolt

Among the guests for the first show: Peter Costello, Michael Costa and Gerard Henderson. We have invited Bill Shorten to come on the show on the very near future, of course, and hope the old Labor ban is lifted. I did think it counter-productive.