Did we really elect Daniel Andrews to tell us whether we could visit our mothers on Mothers’ Day?

State premiers are mostly to decide about making the trains run on time or which roads to build. They are not designed to deal with plagues and other such disasters, and quite frankly I don’t want them to. And from what I’ve seen so far, when it comes to Daniel Andrews, he has no clue about anything beyond how to create large loss-making projects to employ members of the Construction Unions at excessive rates of pay. He has a great bed-side manner so that in spite of the tragic consequences his premiership will in the long run lead to, he was electable. My guess is that he will never run for premier again since by the time he will need to be re-elected in three years’ time, the disaster he has overseen and led us into will either be fully visible to us all, or certainly visible to everyone within the Labor Government. He will bail out before everything becomes unmistakably clear, leaving it to the Joan Kirner of the time to take the rap while Dan the Man escapes with his reputation intact just the way John Cain Jr had previously done.

So why has he insisted that we do not see our Mothers on Mother’s Day, or allow our children to visit their Mothers and Grandmothers? Because he can. We can tell he is oh so benevolent and kind because he is a socialist which proves he cares about us and wants only the best. To me, however, he is a socialist and therefore is a tyrant who wants to tell us what to do because it is the power he has that gives him pleasure. He hates achievement and success. He hates people who can successfully run a business. He pretends to worry about whether we become ill with the Chinese flu.

But here’s the reality. Anyone who delays by that one single day in allowing us to visit our parents and grandparents until the day after Mother’s Day reveals himself for what he really is. And the same goes for any other premier who has done the same. They are wicked people.