Sexual freedom is the only freedom the left supports

The left stand for nothing other than slavery. The only supposed freedom supported by the left is sexual license. Every other freedom – speech, assembly, religion or whatever – they are absolutely opposed to in every way they can show their opposition. Lindsay Shepherd is both an example of the threats posed by the left and an articulate defender of our freedoms, that have seldom been in such need for defence.

Lindsay Shepherd crosses over

Lindsay Shepherd was the bunny caught between the Moloch of the modern left and a three minute video of Jordan Peterson which she showed in her classroom on communications at Wilfred Laurier University in Ontario last year. Her story was told here: Resolved: “there are no biological differences between men and women”. Her experience has caused her to have done some serious soul-searching, and has come out non-left which means, by definition, she is on the right. This is what she says at the end, and bless her for her bravery and moral strength.

What I want to get across is that I no way want to be associated with what the left has become. I am not a leftist any more, I would not call myself that. Does that make me right wing, or does that make me a centrist? I don’t know. You tell me. But all I know is I do not want to have any part in this disgusting leftist culture. Sometimes I see myself brought up as an example of leftists who advocate for free speech. I just want to clear the air. That does not describe me anymore.

From Small Dead Animals which also provides this convenient list from her presentation:

What is the Left all about?

  1. They’re pro-censorship
  2. They are victimhood culture
  3. They are all about moral righteousness
  4. They are taught that claiming to be offended results in a moral victory
  5. They don’t believe in personal responsibility
  6. They are completely intolerant of diversity of thought
  7. They are humourless people
  8. They want to make society boring
  9. They want to make it that no one can make a joke
  10. If you are not on their side 100% they will slander you mercilessly

No doubt many more can be added.

Lindsay Shepherd and Mark Steyn

On the off chance you think the generations coming through to replace us are in some sense onside with the notion of free speech and an open society, then watch this video. As they discuss, argument from the left is reduced to ad hominem forms of personal attack. Since everything is socially constructed everything must be socially deconstructed. White males believe what they believe because it is in their personal interests to believe it. Therefore, nothing white males have to say has the slightest value so far as understanding the world is concerned. Non-white, non-males have the answers and are the only ones anyone should pay attention to, all the more so since truth is relative and never absolute.

In the video, Mark Steyn talks to Lindsay Shepherd, the Teaching Assistant at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada who became internet famous at the end of 2017, when three members of the WLU faculty attempted to destroy her life for having shown a short Jordan Peterson public television clip to her students. She had, however, recorded her interview and then released the recording to the media which stopped them in their tracks, and has, in fact, made her famous. Articulate beyond her years, a product of the modern left though she is, she is a bridge between us and the millennial generation. She describes herself as “the most left-wing member of her family”.

Here as well is the original recording of Lindsay’s inquisition by the faculty at Wilfred Laurier, worth every minute of the 43 minutes it takes to listen to it through.

And if you want to see where this is heading, you should look at this and this. More people in “the shut up business”, as Steyn describes it. However, as one commenter on the MS/LS video said:

Peterson’s command of facts, deep understanding of human nature and group behaviour, and wealth of experience with people in need is a reality the SJWs and post modernists cannot deal with. And it rings true to those who listen to him. And gives them something real to anchor too.

So there is hope, as faint as it may well be.

The Mark Steyn interview comes via Expression, Identity, and the Corruption of the Academy.

Mark Steyn on and Jordan Peterson with Lindsay Shepherd

Satire is no longer possible against the humourless and the stupid. When all is said and done, you are no longer entitled to your own opinion.

“Why were you thinking this might be sufficiently dangerous that you would need taped evidence?”

At the end, my impression is that Lindsay Shepherd fundamentally disagrees with Peterson. She is learning but is more millennial than not. But she is getting there and can only hope she brings many others along.

Resolved: “there are no biological differences between men and women”

From Canada. Discussion of discipline handed down to Wilfrid Laurier University graduate student and Teaching Assistant Lindsay Shepherd for playing a 3 minute clip of a TV program with Jordan B Peterson debating Canada’s bill C-16 which would criminalise the use of certain gendered pronouns. The point Peterson is trying to refute is a statement made by some other PROFESSOR that there are “no biological differences between men and women”. Peterson begins at 2:17.

Lindsay Shepherd describes the eventual reaction of the university and her fellow students.

She is tougher than they are, shrewder, more clued in, but this is now and not even the medium term. Finally, here is the full recording of her discussing the issue with the University. Runs more than 40 minutes but worth your time. The disturbing notion presented by one of the academics was the equation that Opinion minus Evidence is Prejudice (O-E=P) with the only form of evidence permissible publication in a peer reviewed journal. Once control over what is published in peer reviewed journals is sealed up (see the debate on climate change which is even brought in by one of the professors) certain ideas can never be presented within an academic environment. The enemy seems to be “alt-right” opinion. So they have to provide them with a “critical tool kit” before they hear different opinions. Try this on for size (33:35):

“Everyone is entitled to their opinions but we have a duty as educators, as scholars, as academics, even as public intellectuals to make sure we are not furthering the kind of what I call charlatanism”.

Such self-delusion! Makes you sick. And there is little doubt that the same idea would be found at the highest reaches of the academic world.

Terrifying. I am actually astonished that when this became public that there was still enough reality left in their heads that they pulled back on their consideration of whether to terminate her employment. This then is an interview with Lindsay giving the background.

And here is one last commentary, this one from the United States. Has an excerpt from her tape of the interview which really gets to the heart of the issue.

She is astonishing and brave. Dissidents come in all forms and it is fortunate we are still able to bring these things to the attention of others. And like she says herself, her enemies are “insane”. Meanwhile will we still be able to teach free market capitalism when they turn their attention to that?

AND THERE’S MORE: The story is picked up by Steve Hayward at Powerline: The Inquisition at Laurier University.

And for some direct quotes from the Inquisition Ms Shepherd was forced to endure here via Steve Hayward “are some key excerpts and delightful commentary from Raffi Grinburg at Heterodox Academy“. But of more value are Grinburg’s comments between the quotes such as this which was picked up by Steve Hayward and is really to the point.

At Laurier—and other universities—can teachers be disciplined for being anonymously accused of violating an undefinable policy? If so, this has chilling implications for teaching and learning. Teachers will have to guess at what policies might protect students’ sensibilities, and eye their classrooms with fear. Each student is a potential accuser, so teachers must plan their lectures with the most easily-offended student in mind, taking account of all topics that could cause offense. In fact, since 2015 we have been hearing many reports of teachers self-censoring, “teaching on tenterhooks,” and cutting potentially controversial materials from their syllabi.

Anyway, I am thinking of applying for membership in the Heterodox Academy whose structure and aims are discussed here. My hesitation is Conquest’s Second Law: any organisation that is not by nature right wing eventually becomes left wing.