Kelly O’Dwyer to quit Parliament

ViA Andrew Bolt.

Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O’Dwyer, has seldom, if ever, laid a glove on Labor or the Greens but, like her protégé, is adept at causing enormous damage to her own side. Picture: AAP


Kelly O’Dwyer complained the Liberals didn’t have enough female MPs and seemed anti-women.

That’s after she helped to ruin the Liberals’ image by backing fact-free claims by MP Julia Banks that make Liberals bullied women – claims not backed up by a single example.

Now O’Dwyer completes the damage by becoming just the latest female Liberal – after Ann Sudmalis and Banks – to jump the sinking ship of the Morrison Government:

Kelly O’Dwyer is quitting politics…

Ms O’Dwyer, 41, who serves in Cabinet as Minister for Industrial Relations and Jobs and also Minister for Women said she will continue on with her ministerial duties until the May election but will not re-contest her seat.

Her resignation is yet another blow for the Morrison government as it begins an election year.

In a statement and media conference today Ms O’Dwyer cited “personal reasons” for her shock move including the desire to spend more time with her children Olivia, 3.5, Edward, 20-months and also husband Jon, 43.

“Family reasons”, she says.

Fine. I understand that. In fact, O’Dwyer’s reasons are precisely why you’d expect fewer women to put up their hand for federal politics. Don’t blame the patriarchy for the matriachry preferring family to parliament.

But it should also be noted that O’Dwyer, of the Liberal Left ,actually looked like losing her once-safe seat to Labor at the next election.

By leaving her resignation so late, she’s given her yet-unpicked Liberal successor little time to establish themselves before the election in May – or earlier.

But no doubt we will once more see her blame the Liberal Right for losing a seat held by the Liberal Left.

Now, with all these Liberal women quitting, remind me again of the argument for hiring many more fighters just like them.

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