The green carding of America

obama jobs americans wont do

Obama cares not in the slightest about anyone else or who he harms in getting his agenda through, and this applies to the Democrats as much as anyone else. His next act of sabotage will be the issuing of 34 million green cards to illegal aliens, some already in the US and others still to come.

The only mystery I find about Obama is that anyone finds him a mystery. He has been as transparent as a sheet of glass and has been from the first moment he came into view. He is still to some extent constrained by politics and the American constitution but not by much. He has ruined the medical system, subverted the economy, ground down America’s national defence (and therefore ours as well), and is now flooding the country with millions who may never assimilate. Not much more he really could have been expected to do if his mission was to undermine the United States and the West in general.

His personal motivations are somewhat obscure but only slightly. It is either the psychological damage of his early upbringing that has left him a seething mass of hatreds, or his ideological far left cast of mind that was formed at the hands of Frank Marshall, Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers. Some combination of the two is most likely. But the end result is an America that will never be the same as it was in 2008.

He is a political con man whose great pleasure is to laugh at those who support him as the stupid fools he perfectly well understands them to be.