The impeachment express trundles along

Vote Opens Intense Public Phase of Inquiry...
Only 2 Dems Vote Against...
Nasty floor fight sets baseline...
Senate Republicans shift tone...
White House lawyer moved transcript to classified server...
Questions over 'edits'...
Russia Director Corroborates Quid Pro Quo...
I Wasn't Worried Trump Broke Law With Call...
But Was 'Concerning'...
REPORT: 'Whistleblower' Exposed...
MAG: How Rudy May Cost President Dearly...
State Dept. turning over Giuliani docs...
Campaign Holds 'Witch Hunt' Party...

The Democrats are full-on totalitarian socialists, would appear willing to use any means they can find to overturn the democratic process. The most astonishing part of the past three years has been the revelation how corrupt the left in the United States is, having commenced their efforts to spy on the Republican candidate while Obama was still president, and then cobble together absolutely anything to find some, any, justification to overturn the election result. Impeachment does not of course mean that the president will leave office but that he will go to trial in the Senate where it requires a two-thirds majority vote to remove the President. That will never happen.

The left has descended into madness, but that is no excuse for any of it. Not an ounce of principle on the left, while the most astonishing part of all of it has been how unblemished Donald Trump is, both in what he has done and in his basic personal integrity. Not to mention how positive every one of his policies have been.

Two bits to help you see where we are at. This is Conrad Black – who knows a thing about corrupt prosecutions – discussing The Impeachment Farce Limps Along to Its Anticlimax. Which begins:

This sordid, contemptible impeachment ruse is finally disintegrating. It was another fraud, and I predict that this time the polls will move clearly in the president’s favor. There are limits to how often his enemies can get the public and the world to the edges of their chairs with their fantastic accusations. The Economist, a long-respected magazine in earlier times, told us a year ago that the Trump presidency was hanging on the thread of Michael Cohen’s testimony. Most of the U.S. media gave the public to understand for two years that there was a high chance that he would be thrown out once the Mueller investigation established his “treasonous” links to the Russians. Trump appalls many reasonable people by some of his antics and utterances, but his supporters are rock-solid at only slightly less than half the country, and enough to have got him elected. But the vitriolic antagonism of about 90 percent of the media, and the fear and loathing of the political class, which he assaulted in its entirety, have sustained an artificial levitation of morbid expectation that he will be overthrown and removed.

And then there is hour-long interview with Victor Davis Hanson who has just published a book on The Case for Trump which he discusses in the video. He is by no means a partisan but he does at least establish just how sordid and diseased the opposition to the president is.

The troops will “redeploy and remain in the region”

The news just in: Trump: U.S. troops to stay in Middle East, prevent ISIS resurgence.

President Donald Trump says the roughly 1,000 U.S. troops he has ordered to leave Syria will remain in the Middle East to prevent a resurgence of the Islamic State threat.

In a written statement Monday announcing his authorization of economic sanctions on Turkey, Trump made clear that the withdrawing troops will leave Syria entirely.

He said the troops will “redeploy and remain in the region.” He described their mission as “monitoring the situation” and preventing a “repeat of 2014,” when IS fighters who had organized in Syria as a fighting force swept into neighboring Iraq and took control of Iraq’s north and west.

Trump confirmed that the small number of U.S. troops at a base in southern Syria will remain there.

Bringing the troops home is not a foreign policy objective, as much as it might be an aspiration. Defeating ISIS is a foreign policy objective, which is why these troops are not coming home. A premature declaration of victory would have been a huge mistake. Part of what I truly admire about PDT is that he knows what he wants, what he wants is almost always what I want, and he is flexible enough so that when he makes a mistake that he reverses course as soon as he can.

Home is where the welfare cheque is issued

From Trump: Europe Won’t Help, and We’re Not Going to Hold Thousands of ISIS Fighters at Guantanamo Bay. Watch the video and hear PDT say it himself.

“We’re not bringing 50, 60, 70 – or even 100,000 people to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “We’re not going to be paying them for the next 50 years – or paying to take care of them for the next 50 years.”

He characterized the European response to Washington’s appeals as another example of allies taking advantage of the U.S., and treating it as a “sucker.”

Meanwhile, who has any idea of which side who is on or what they are fighting for or against. And same again here. Who should we support, do you think?

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are dominated by fighters from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), whom Turkey views as terrorists because of links to the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) – a radical group which Turkey, as well as the U.S. and European Union, has designated a terrorist organization.

Of course none of these countries want these jihadists back. To continue the story:

European governments have voiced reluctance to repatriate citizens who joined ISIS’ jihad. Reasons vary, but include concerns that difficulties in obtaining clear evidence of wrongdoing will see suspects dodge conviction and be released back into society.

In France, public opinion runs strongly against repatriating jihadists, although there is considerable support for allowing the French wives and children to return home.

There is no saving anyone from their own stupidity.

“Friends, mates and allies”

Scott Morrison arrives around 23 minutes in. Advance Australia Fair at around 27 minutes, with a 21(?)-gun salute. The Star Spangled Banner at around 29:00. Inspection of the Guard and then meeting the crowd, which PDT does appear to enjoy. Bugle, fife and drum band next in colonial uniforms. PDT begins speech at 38:30. The warmest speech you may ever hear a foreign leader give about Australia and our relationship. It’s the real thing.

Scott Morrison follows from around 45:00 in. Also the real thing. “Friends, mates and allies” was said by the President but it could have been said by either.

Fake news, the lamestream media and Donald Trump


Donald J. Trump


…the Economy, where there is NO Recession, much to the regret of the LameStream Media! They are working overtime to help the Democrats win in 2020, but that will NEVER HAPPEN, Americans are too smart!

This land is my land, this land is Greenland

From the icy tundra
To the icy tundra
This land was made to protect the Arctic from the Russians and the Coms

From out of left field it definitely is, but filled with sense and sound political instincts. Also taken seriously here, if a bit whimsically: YES TO ACQUIRING GREENLAND!, although mostly taken seriously among the comments:

Why is no one talking about PDJT’s true motivation, which is to keep the Chi-coms out of the Arctic? They have already approached Denmark with the idea to build airports there. The Danes may think they’re too smart to fall for a BRI swindle, but that’s irrelevant. Their Navy isn’t nearly as impressive as it was 1000 years ago, and their sovereignty over Greenland is only as strong as their armed forces. They should sell it while someone is still willing to pay.

Greenland is not a part of Denmark, it is a dependent territory with some self rule. Offer each family in Greenland $1Mil and have them vote on it. It could acquire status similar to Guam or PR, if not statehood. And yes, Greenlanders most certainly feel looked down upon by “mainland” Danes. BTW, it would not be the last real estate transaction between the 2 countries. US bought the Virgin Islands from Denmark in 1917.

China apparently tried to build 3 airports in Greenland recently, an obvious threat to the US. Also, the US is trying to check Russian efforts to gain strategic and economic control of the Arctic. It may not be long before Denmark has no choice in the matter. If Denmark were smart, they’d negotiate a percentage of mineral and tourist revenues.

I connected the dots yesterday when I read an article about a speech Pompeo recently gave to the Arctic Council about the need to defend the Arctic from Russian-Chinese encroachment. It mentioned that Greenland has a claim under international law to a huge swath of the Arctic and surrounding ocean. It also revealed that Democrat hero and MSM icon Truman formally offered $100 million for Greenland for the same reason, but was turned down.

Denmark only holds Greenland because of NATO. Without U.S. security guarantees it would be part of the Soviet Union today. (Without U.S. security guarantees there would be a Soviet Union today.)

He was just saying what he thinks

Trump publicly defending Pelosi is the easily the most savage thing he’s ever done to anyone. She’s struggling to maintain control of her party and she’ll be forced to reject his “gesture of goodwill” or her rabid base will become even more convinced she’s a sellout. Genius.Jesse Kelly