3 thoughts on “The American election

  1. They had to be caught cheating. Already lots and lots of evidence around the traps. The kicker will be the monitoring of voting machines. Waiting, waiting.

  2. Don’t worry (?!), it’s certainly fraud where it counts. Another key driver pushing currents in a leftward direction was teeing up the Roe v Wade reversal to energize the psycho-left. That, and the GOP, as usual, pulling money from decent candidates and supporting RINOs. Also, the impact of mass migration on demographics, levers of power, that kind of thing. Above all, though: A presidential election stolen in plain sight in 2020, as enabled and then sanctified by all US institutions, from politics to courts to media to education to foundations, etc., cannot be followed by anthing decent again. Like trying to build an apartment house on the San Andreas Fault.
    Best wishes,

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