Turnbull shows Morrison was right

I still cannot see that Scott Morrison did anything wrong but here is the proof: Malcolm Turnbull says he should not have done it.

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said the most troubling part of Scott Morrison’s secret appointments to five portfolios is “no one stopped him”….

“There is something profoundly wrong that someone didn’t stand up and say ‘stop it ScoMo, this is bonkers’ and that’s what worries me the most.”

Still don’t see the nature of the problem.

1 thought on “Turnbull shows Morrison was right

  1. OK, here goes:
    There never was a pandemic.
    Everything they told us has turned out to be a lie.
    Everything they tell us about everything is a lie.
    Ministers will have taken some heat and might waver from the narrative.
    Not a problem if there’s only one man in charge.
    New ad on TV from deputy CHO – “new variants, wear masks indoors”.
    They aren’t giving up.
    Vax deaths and injuries need to be reported to the police as crimes, not to the TGA.
    The TGA has identified 13 reports where the cause of death was linked to vaccination from 922 reports received and reviewed.
    So, 909 doctors get overruled by a few bureaucrats. Complain? AHPRA will deregister you as they did Dr Bay the other day.

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