The Australian election result had virtually nothing to do with Covid policy and everything to do with climate change

My post on the election was put up on Powerline: Feel Bad Story of the Day. This is the entire post which I was very pleased to see discussed.

Our friend Steve Kates writes from down under to comment on the defeat of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison by opposition leader Anthony Albanese. Yesterday we posted a link to the Israel-oriented story at the Times of Israel. Steve writes: “Saw you had a brief note on our election from the Times of Israel…There is no sense of what a disaster this election has been from that article and I think there needs to be a broader alert about just how disastrous the election result has been for conservatives.”

Steve draws our attention to two posts. First, his own post this morning with a headline that says it all: “The election result in Australia was just about as bad as it could have been.” And then to Peter Smith’s Pipeline post “‘Greenslide’ in Oz Dumps Scott Morrison.”

Steve comments: “This will be a far-far left government that is either part of a trend or part of the highwater mark this madness will reach….I don’t think anyone in the US really gets it, in part, no doubt, because your media see nothing to complain about. But this is now part of the Biden-Trudeau-Ardern axis that is reaching further outwards. We live in such dark times and they are getting darker.”

There was obviously little coverage of the Australian election in the US, but what really astonished me was the assumption that the outcome had been the result of the Government’s approach to dealing with Covid and so they deserved what they got. If you go to our posts, but especially Peter’s, it should be evident that the major issue was the Government’s refusal to go all in on climate.

However, these were the three “best” (ie most agreed with) comments on the Powerline thread:

Based on their authoritarian approach to the Wuhan Flu, I assumed Australia already had a left wing government.

Morrison did it to himself by going full blown crazy over covid. I know, someone will say it was their state governments that did it, but he could’ve stopped them from having the cops arrest pregnant women for speaking against covid tyranny, sending out the ninja turtles to bust up crowds exercising basic rights, and sending people to concentration camps. No, he did it to himself. There is a lesson there to be learned. Never compromise with the fascists.

I am never happy to see the Left win, but the Liberal (i.e. conservative) government went all in on lockdowns which at least to this American’s eyes does not seem very conservative. I mean, they wrecked the economy, right? How could that NOT cause en electoral disaster.

Others tried to correct these views. These were replies provided to these comments.

Wrong. The lock downs were not at the national level but imposed at the state level.

He could NOT have stopped the Labor Victorian Government from arresting a pregnant women. Internally, Australia is a federation. The States have the real power – we have just discovered. Regardless, vaccination was supported by all people – across the board. Anti-vaxxers are regarded as nutcases across the board. The election was won by the Climate Changers. The whole country has been brainwashed by “education” and the media. Covid – apart from the constant mud slinging by the media against the former Government – which was “wrong” whatever it did, was irrelevant.

There was then this at the Canadian blog Small Dead Animals under the heading, Missing Information which linked to a story in Canada’s National Post.  The “missing information” was supposedly that the paper had not discussed the role of Covid in the outcome. Here is the blog entry:

Judging by the what is unmentioned in this story, you would think that Morrison’s defeat in the Australian election had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with implementing the second most draconian pandemic policies in the world.

Dealing the Covid is a state issue, not national. The actual issue that made the difference was global warming, which is what did the Government in. Not that it matters now that the election is done and gone. The Government was around 55-45 global warming skeptics. The next crew is about 10-90, if it is even as high as 10. It is the warmist cult that will bring about the decline and fall of the West. That is the lesson from our election.