Bleak and insane full speed ahead

These are all lifted from Instapundit. Although the usual suspects are working on it, imagine if the only news we got was from The ABC and The Australian. So far there are still other sources. Bleak and insane. Oddly there are still people who are willing to tell you they supported Biden for President. I wonder how long that will last.

________ The small number with each post link you to the comments as well.

REPORT: Israeli Army Preparing Plans to Strike Iran if Biden Rejoins Nuclear Deal. 17

HEH: Promises Kept: Biden Already Delivering Massive Job Losses. 8

RETURN TO NORMALCY? Biden sparks new immigration surge, many with coronavirus. 9

LARRY ELDER: Democrats Want a ‘Return to Civility’; When Did They Practice It? 17

KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Sycophant Press Can’t Cover for Biden’s Opening Train Wreck. 11

MEGYN KELLY: Trump Supporter? “Megyn Kelly came to The Donald’s defense on Saturday in an interview on BBC. She said the media’s hatred of President Trump bears some responsibility for the storming of the Capitol, in which the congressional police force shot and killed an unarmed protester. She told BBC that she has come around on how Donald Trump and his supporters view the media.” 33

IT’S ALSO WRONG FOR THE LEFT TO ATTEMPT TO BE HITLER:  Yes, It Is Wrong To Compare Trump To Hitler. 28

CANCELLING GIANTS:  Today’s blacklisted Americans: Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. 13

THE LEFT ALWAYS ACCUSES US OF WHAT THEY DO:  Canceling The Keystone Pipeline And Reducing U.S. Arms Are Biden’s First Two Major Gifts To Russia. 12

BECAUSE BAI DEN ZHOU IS WHOLLY OWNED BY CHINA:  Press Secretary Dodges on Why Biden Revoked Rule Protecting U.S. Power Grid From China. 21

NOW THEY TELL US: Hydroxychloroquine may have some use to treat COVID after all, NJ study shows. 36

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