Ensuring the end of Western Civilisation

This is the title: Western Civilization: The Final Frontier?. Here is what she said in her text, with the word “practically” inserted so as not to rule out divine intervention or some such thing:

What is particularly appalling about the ill-informed Western elites is how their policies are practically ensuring the end of Western Civilization. They refuse to acknowledge the need for border security –sovereignty — and allow, if not encourage the wholesale influx of third-world immigrants (who do not wish to assimilate) into states with generous welfare policies.

I’m sure what comes next will be an improvement on what we have done. We obviously don’t know what’s good for us anyway. Here’s another perspective: How Mainstream Media and Social Media Present COMPLETELY Different Views Of Syrian Immigrant Crisis. Its opening statement:

The “Great Replacement” has begun, and social media is showing what the “refugees” from Syria are really all about.

It’s not the world I was born into so I wouldn’t be expected to like it. But others are being born into this one so maybe they’ll like it better. But it is amazing to be there at the end, although it may limp along for a bit longer still. Read The Swerve. Think about just how well this passage from a hostile review fits the world we are on the threshold of entering:

It is possible for a whole culture to turn away from reading and writing. As the Roman Empire crumbled and Christianity became ascendant, as cities decayed, trade declined, and an anxious populace scanned the horizon for barbarian armies, the ancient system of education fell apart. What began as downsizing went on to wholesale abandonment. Schools closed, libraries and academies shut their doors, professional grammarians and teachers of rhetoric found themselves out of work, scribes were no longer given manuscripts to copy.

The most haunting part of the book was the description of fifteenth century Rome, the centre of an empire a thousand years before. It was not until the middle of the 14th century, perhaps even the 15th, that living standards in Europe rose to where they had been in the 2nd. You think it can’t happen until it does, and it does now look like it might.

Barbarism against Western civilization

Phyllis Chesler is by a long long way my favourite feminist. She has written an article on the traison de clercs which she has titled, J’Accuse whose significance and historical roots will be missed by the dumbed down members of the academy today. This is how it begins:

J’accuse every single Western academic, each intellectual and journalist who has ever circulated and signed a Resolution against Israel and in favor of Hamas is a supporter of Islamist barbarism against Western civilization.

They are the West’s equivalent of suicide (or really, homicide) bombers.

These are the professors and activists who are, essentially, anti-American in their point of view and who, like President Obama (who studied with them), want a de-militarized and diminished America. The 21st century manifestation of this sentiment in academia is the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, whose aim is to starve the Israeli government by bullying even further already indoctrinated academics, artists, and businessmen into not working in Israel and/or into covering the news in only a pro-Hamas and pro-Palestinian way.

Support for Hamas is merely a particular instance of this hatred of our civilisation, not just the most prosperous in history but also the kindest and most open. That others hate us is how things happen. That so many within the citadel hate us as well may yet doom us, but if they are successful they will be responsible for the dark age that will be the successor civilisation to what we have now.