Unbroken – an absolute triumph

Don’t watch the video until you’ve seen the movie. But then you should watch it to see how true to his story the film really is. Or, you can watch the video anyway, and then decide for yourself. But I went just because we wanted to see a movie tonight and we’d seen everything else. I went with no expectations – actually I was somewhat reluctant – and it turned out to be a film I would not have wanted to miss had I known what it was about.

As for the film, I won’t tell you much, but I will say this. Not nominating Angelina Jolie for best direction is a scandal, and is only because this is one of the most conservative movies you are ever likely to see. It also has one of the best war sequences I have also ever seen, absolutely harrowing. You are in the plane, and you are asking yourself (a) how will they survive and (b) how does anyone ever go into battle in the first place, never mind get back in the plane the next day, and then the day after that?

My last point, which is not a spoiler. The left will not tolerate a positive story about religion, where a believer in God is treated as a normal human being with genuine virtues that come from that belief. You don’t find it in films very often, but you do find it here. “Based on a true story” comes with all the usual caveats. But it is also an amazing film, and if you want some idea of how true or not it is, you can watch the video, either now or when you come back.

Rotten Tomatoes: critics 50% / audience 73%
IMDb: 7.2.

Finally note this: Joel Coen (screenplay), Ethan Coen (screenplay). As far as storylines go, it doesn’t get better than that.