If only 10% of what Robinson said was correct then the barbarians have already won

The usual high minded idiocies from Janet Albrechtsen on Don’t call it censorship when Islam critic’s simply in contempt of court. If you want to find out what she said, you can buy the paper. Here are the top comments starting as usual from the top. You could go on for much longer and not find a single person who agrees with her. And the true sign that she is hiding the actual circumstances is that she uses “grooming” in place of the actual term for what went on, which is rape.

You have got it badly wrong on this one Janet. Very disappointed that you have not properly done your research.

1. If you actually listen to the live stream that Tommy Robinson was putting out, he (i.e. Tommy) was arrested for disturbing the peace. It is blindingly obvious from the live streaming video that he was arrested under false pretences.
2. The local mainstream media was reporting that the trial had reached the sentencing phase and had published the names of the accused. They would not have done this if the trial was ongoing as you have falsely claimed. Tommy just read from news clipping from the local media and whenever he referred to the crimes of those involved he always used the term “alleged”.
3. Tommy asked the police officers in front of the court if he was on courthouse property and they confirmed that he was not. Tommy did this to make absolutely sure that he was not in violation of any court directed media restraining order.

You think Tommy is a radical, well that happens when people are unhappy with the governments who rule, not for their people, but for policies from a group of sycophants (UN). The support he is getting just shows the discontent all over the western world where people died in the past to ensure we were free to express different opinions. We are all worried about the legacy we are leaving our children and grandchildren.

He was arrested, charged and sentenced within the space of five hours. It is funny that justice can be so swift when it cares to be.

Tommy was not filming inside the court, he was filming outside the court in a public area. Where was the media blackout during for instance the Rolf Harris trial? Did the daily media frenzy cause a mistrial?

Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner and should be released today!

A group of six or seven police officers arrested Robinson with minutes. Where were all these police officers when it came to arresting the grooming and rape gangs? Girls were begging for help from the police for years and they did nothing for years. But when Robinson opens his mouth it only takes minutes for them to act.

I thought the trial was before a judge not a jury? How would Robinson prejudice a trial if there is no Jury to influence?

Yeah, nah. Filming from outside court is contempt? What is the world coming to? Over-reach from the judge. Over-reach from the police.

The police have harassed his wife, children, mother and other members of his family to put pressure on him. If this is justice, we are all in big trouble!!!!

Janet listen to Paul Weston’s take on YouTube regarding Tommys arrest and you might think differently. Tommy Robinson is a hero but also an embarrassment to the establishment because he has been calling out the rape gangs for years and the police and the politicians would do nothing about it until recently. Theresa May has issued a ban on reporting anything to do with Tommy’s arrest and there are many who now claim that Britain is now a fully fledged totalitarian state.

“Searching for truth must be our mission in a liberal democracy”. Sure. And also: We must establish impregnable frontiers to protect our liberal democracy. We now encourage inflow of peoples whose cultures of origin contain no notion of empirical truth. In fact, such pursuit is forbidden for those few denizens of such cultures are capable of it. And our school and university systems have restricted the development of empirical capabilities. This imperative, of maintaining strong boundaries to safeguard our liberal democracy has been badly neglected in recent decades. Terrifyingly, the stamping out of the pursuit of empirical truth is a favorite method, and core aim, of our domestic Left.

I’m with Tommy. You are wrong on this one Janet

It’s pity that UK law is not applied with equal enthusiasm to all who transgress the UK’s laws. For example, Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s AHA Foundation sent a newsletter of 26 May, 2018 stating inter alia: “Despite having legislation in place since 1985, the United Kingdom has failed to prosecute any perpetrators of FGM. Even though mandatory reporting through the NHS has recorded 5,391 new incidents of FGM in 2016-17. A number of UK FGM cases have been brought to court, including two sets of parents earlier this year who had their daughters mutilated, yet they have all failed to land a conviction. The UK Commons Home Affairs Select Committee said the lack of convictions for FGM was a “national scandal”. One explanation is a lack of appetite among police to enforce the law.” [Emphasis added]

Robinson is a British man fighting against the Islamic takeover of Britain. That is all that matters.

Regardless of any prejudicial risk to a trial there is an inherent suspicion in UK that publicity about these crimes, which have occurred in several cities, is intended to be deliberately kept from the public on account of an expectation of personal and public racism. The failure to investigate and prosecute other similar crimes has fed into this and many people feel that the perception of racism has become the overwhelming aspect of policing, which surely cannot be right?

The reason for the emergence of Tommy Robinson is the same reason for the emergence of Donald Trump. In both cases the citizens had been let down by a self serving political class.

I watched a Tommy Robinson speech on You Tube yesterday, having never heard of him before. I appreciate that I only heard his side of the story, but if only 10% of what he said was correct then the barbarians have already won.