Super Tuesday: the Dems are not just worried about losing but about losing big

From Why the Dems are desperate to scuttle Bernie.

That if Sanders is nominated, Donald Trump will crush him in November. And not only will the White House be lost, all hopes of winning the Senate and blocking Trump’s second-term Supreme Court nominees would also be lost.

And not only the Senate but Nancy Pelosi’s House could also be lost. And not only the House but hundreds of down-ballot candidates could also lose, leaving the GOP with the whip hand in redistricting congressional seats through the decade.

For Democrats, the fear is of the Harding-Coolidge Roaring ’20s revisited.

And if Trumpists rule the roost in the Republican Party and the populist-left of “Crazy Bernie” dominates the Democratic Party, what happens to the agenda of the establishment?

Today promises to a fateful one in the history of the Democratic Party, and it will answer many questions:

Will Sanders win enough delegates to give him an insurmountable lead for the nomination? Or will he have a good, but not a great, night, winning most of the states, but not a large enough pile of delegates to reach 50% before the convention in Milwaukee?

As for Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who was being urged to drop out and back Biden before he got the first returns on his $500 million investment in his campaign, what did he buy with that half billion? We shall find out today. …

What the establishment wants is for the first ballot to end without a nominee — if that nominee would be Sanders — and the pledged delegates to be freed of their commitments, and for the superdelegates to vote on the second ballot, and for the party thus to be spared falling into the custody of an angry septuagenarian socialist.

For the Democratic establishment, the stakes could not be higher and thus that establishment, after Biden’s landslide in South Carolina, is not disguising its interests or demands: Sanders must be denied the nomination, and Biden is the only one who can accomplish that.

He is also uncontrolled and uncontrollable. He would be the Donald Trump of the left. PDT has taken the US back to JFK’s New Frontier. Bernie would take the US forward to a Venezuelan future. Even mainstream Dems are terrified and so should we all. And you know what’s most terrifying of all. There is no certainty that Bernie would lose.

Normal Tuesday here but elsewhere…

Benjamin Netanyahu defeats Gantz, but is still short a majority. For the Israelis it is always an existential election and in the realest sense possible. And even there they mess around with the left of centre soft-centred opposition.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on track to win 59 seats for his bloc of right-wing and religious parties in Monday’s election, down by one from the 60 predicted by the initial exit polls. The new prediction leaves him two short of a majority in the Knesset.

He will find a majority but it’s too far away to know much more about why it was so close, but not as close as the last two times in the past twelve months when no winning side could be determined.

Meanwhile, in the US where Tuesday has not even arrived, Pete, Amy and ??? have pulled up stumps leaving the 3 B’s plus what’s her name? Therefore, Joe Biden, 77, Becomes Youngest Male Candidate in Democrat Primary. Tomorrow is not just Tuesday but Super Tuesday in the primaries so things will become a bit clearer on the socialist side.

Pete and Amy withdrew to help Joe out since the Dems are trying to avoid an open convention second ballot with Bernie. And for those of you who believe Slow Joe will be easy pickings, you may be in for a surprise. More pleasantly would be if I were in for a surprise. We shall see.

Meanwhile, just for added interest: