Seven years

This will also be my 4593rd post although there are also another 193 that I never published. Started it September 12th just for myself and to communicate with the family, who may be among the only people who are on the same wave length as me. Bless them, but also I am happy to say that the blog now has many others who come along who must also more or less agree with the direction these posts take, so bless you as well. It’s a tough ideological world out there.

People used to disagree, but I always thought it was just a point of view even while everyone was sane. I no longer think that. We on the conservative right, or even among the centre who would like to find some means of sharing the wealth in some non-destructive way, I am with them.

And there are virtually no racists anywhere on the conservative right. Every seriously racist organisation has always been some version of totalitarian murder incorporated [National Socialism, anyone?]. The biggest problem for many of us, me anyway, is that it is hard to believe these people really are as dense and ignorant as they appear to be. And therefore would willingly lead us all into a Venezuelan future if they were able. And so many of them are also friends and relations, who must harbour some deep and terrifying hatreds within them. No one like that comes here, and if they do, they don’t stay long. So my good wishes to all of you who are reading this. And also, Hi Joshi.