The Kluka Klan

This is Rush Limbaugh going after those who perpetrated the home invasions in the name of the law in Wisconsin in 2013. He wishes to ensure their names are known to one and all, and I am happy to assist. At the centre of it was “the judge, without whom this case could not have happened, Barbara Kluka, K-l-u-k-a“.

She came along in the second John Doe investigation, and she approved every petition, every subpoena, every search warrant in the whole case in less than one day’s work. She enabled law enforcement to raid these innocent citizens’ homes. She’s since recused herself from this, but not before she enabled all of this to happen in the second phase of the John Doe 2 case here.

In the second John Doe case, the DA, John Chisholm, had no real evidence of wrongdoing by anybody. It didn’t stop him. Conservative groups were active in issue advocacy, which is protected by the First Amendment. It didn’t violate any campaign finance laws. Issue advocacy is politics 101. These people were targeted because they’re conservatives and liberals. As I say, what happened here in not only the treatment Scott Walker got, but everybody else, this is liberalism run amok without any checks, without any opposition, without anybody pushing back, and in its own way California is the same example.

Despite the fact that there were no violations of the law in any away, the DA, Chisholm, convinced “prosecutors in four other counties to launch their own John Does, with Judge Kluka overseeing all of them. Empowered by a rubber-stamp judge, partisan investigators ran amok. They subpoenaed and obtained (without the conservative targets’ knowledge) massive amounts of electronic data, including virtually all the targets’ personal e-mails and other electronic messages from outside e-mail vendors and communications companies. The investigations exploded into the open with a coordinated series of raids on October 3, 2013. These were home invasions,” including the ones that I have detailed previously in this half hour.

They are true fascists and totalitarians, in the exact mould of people who think of themselves as good and decent. Instead they are vicious cowards who use force to terrorise those whom they cannot convince by their words and argument. The totalitarian temptation is ever-present and is almost invariably associated with the left.

You want to see lying in politics, I’ll show you lying in politics

Let me come back to this business about political lying. This is from Rush Limbaugh discussing how the Media Knew the Truth About Obamacare:

Do you think that Obama would have been reelected in 2012, do you think Obamacare would have passed if the news had gotten out to everybody that your employer could legally cancel your insurance, drop you from your plan, and force you to go to the government? Do you keep that bill would have passed? There is no way.

Because what was happening while all this was going on? Obama was lying for three years. “You like your doctor? You get to keep your doctor! You like your plan? You get to keep your plan!” All along, the law said that businesses, starting in 2014, could dump their employee-covered health plans over to Obamacare or to the exchanges, whatever they called them. So people believed the president, and the president lied. . . .

The same news organizations lied when the individual plans were being canceled. I mean, the individual plans were gonna be canceled all along. Remember, everybody thought, “No, no. I can keep my plan. I can keep my doctor. Obama said so!” Everybody knew that that wasn’t true when he was saying it!

But still they love their President, at least the media do, specially the media. To hear the media discuss political lying is beyond irritation since they are the worst offenders.

The new world order

This is one tenth of the story it ought to be given the corruption of the media and its infusion into the left. That the elites in the United States no longer have the ideological understanding of what constitutes a free society is melded into every policy you see. If occasionally someone at Fox, or Rush Limbaugh, or a Sarah Palin, or the right-side blogs gets into these issues, the sum and substance still amounts to almost no opposition at all. So the headline this morning at Drudge actually shows someone who understands just what a buffoon Obama is and what a train wreck American foreign policy has become:


“Prankster” is merely what they say in public. The words they must use in private must add no end to the hilarity as they look over Obama and Kerry, and before that Hillary. They show such immense disdain because they can. The consequences will continue far into the future.

And speaking of that future, how’s this for the new world order, also from Drudge, RUSSIACHINA PUSH FOR CONTROL OF INTERNET…

The United States is planning to give up its last remaining authority over the technical management of the Internet.

The Commerce Department announced Friday that it will give the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), an international nonprofit group, control over the database of names and addresses that allows computers around the world to connect to each other.

Administration officials say U.S. authority over the Internet address system was always intended to be temporary and that ultimate power should rest with the “global Internet community.”

But some fear that the Obama administration is opening the door to an Internet takeover by Russia, China, or other countries that are eager to censor speech and limit the flow of ideas.

“If the Obama Administration gives away its oversight of the Internet, it will be gone forever,” wrote Daniel Castro, a senior analyst with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

Castro argued that the world “could be faced with a splintered Internet that would stifle innovation, commerce, and the free flow and diversity of ideas that are bedrock tenets of world’s biggest economic engine.”

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, called the announcement a “hostile step” against free speech.

The world moves faster than you can ever believe and at the moment is accelerating into who knows what but has a very bad feel about it.

As good an explanation as any and better than most

From Breitbart News. Definitely plausible since it fits the facts and nothing else seems to:

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell thinks so, and radio host Rush Limbaugh said it’s plausible. One historian even told Breitbart News the modern GOP resembles a “crime family.”

“The establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the Tea Parties,” Caddell told Fox News on Sunday.

“When you have 71 percent who want an investigation, 64 percent who believe that it is a sign of corruption including nearly a majority of Democrats,” Caddell said, “the reason is the establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the Tea Parties. Got it?”

Caddell said the GOP establishment is happy to have the IRS take the Tea Party down a notch.

“Because the Tea Parties are an outside threat to their power hold and I’m telling you the lobbying consulting class of the Republican party and Republican leadership who have been attacking the Tea Parties, and alienating them, they want the IRS to do this,” he said.

On Monday, Rush Limbaugh addressed Caddell’s charges against establishment Republicans in his nationally syndicated program.

“That is a serious charge,” Limbaugh said. “That is a very, very serious charge, that the Republican establishment is aligned with Obama and is okay with Obama using the IRS to investigate the Tea Party. But it’s believable, because we know the Republican establishment, the political class in Washington, is spreading the word that they are not gonna criticize Hillary, it isn’t gonna happen, and we shouldn’t, either. It shouldn’t happen.”

Reagan biographer Craig Shirley told Breitbart News on Monday that he agrees with Limbaugh that Caddell’s charges are credible.”The Washington Republican party is no longer a political party in the way we understand political parties,” Shirley said. “It more resembles a crime family than a movement of ideas.”