We urgently need a Royal Commission into the ABC

From Wikipedia: “Royal commissions are called to look into matters of great importance and usually controversy. These can be matters such as government structure, the treatment of minorities, events of considerable public concern or economic questions.”

Things have gone beyond tolerable. Picked this up today on the letters page at The Australian:

It’s pretty clear that the US riots sparked by the death of George Floyd have been hijacked by radical groups. US Attorney-General William Barr has sheeted much of the violence home to Antifa and its bunch of hard-left radicals. Far right groups are believed to be in the mix, too.

Listening to the ABC on Sunday you’d be in no doubt as to where the ABC came down on infiltration and mob violence: it’s almost entirely the work of the far right. The ABC interviewed one Andy Fleming, described as an “anti-fascist researcher”. He described the involvement of far right groups in the riots. Prompted on the involvement of Antifa and the left, he was strangely reticent.

Bemused by Fleming’s stance, I did a quick search and found out that there’s a little more to Fleming than the ABC suggested.

It seems that mystery man Fleming is “an Australian anarcho-communist journalist, academic and activist”. It’s pretty poor form that the ABC didn’t inform listeners of Fleming’s allegiances.

The ABC no longer represents anything other than a small smattering of far-left ignoramuses. Virtually no one any longer turns to the ABC for news, current events, documentaries or entertainment. It is a divisive institution filled with far-left ideologues which no longer serves any social purpose. It is a national embarrassment.

Make them justify their existence in front of a Royal Commission, if they can, which I doubt. And if they can’t, wind the place up.

As for Andy Fleming, this is what it says on Wikipedia, at least right now, until they try to hide the evidence:

Andy Fleming, also known as Slackbastard, is the pseudonym of an Australian anarcho-communist journalist, academic, and activist, known for his study of far-right parties and movements in Australia.[1][2] He has written for Guardian AustraliaNew Matilda, and the Overland journal.[1][3][4]

Fleming’s blog Slackbastard has reportedly received 7.5 million views since its foundation in 2005.[5] He has studied nationalist groups such as the United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia.[6][7]

His use of politically motivated doxxing has been criticised as a form of political violence.[8] Despite attempts to identity Fleming, they [sic] currently remain anonymous.[9]


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Seems par for the ABC course.