Do NOT raise taxes and do NOT lower rates

If the Government’s suicidal tendencies continue, there will be no saving them from their own idiocies. It’s not even that raising taxes is politically popular. It is absolute voter poison. Raising taxes is guaranteed to lose you the next election.

But what makes it worse, is that raising taxes is also economic poison. The Treasurer has his eyes firmly fixed on 2055, forty years from now. I wish he would occasionally also glance at 2016 and 2017, which also happens to be when they will be trying to get re-elected.

It is bad economic management to raise taxes in a recession. Let me say this again with emphasis: It is bad economic management to raise taxes in a recession.

You have to stop looking at things from the perspective of those dunces in Treasury. All they can think of is how are they going to find the money for all of those programs you and Labor have committed us to?

If you really do think that recovery is in any way promoted by government spending, other than in a very very narrow and select range of areas, then you have not even got to first base in understanding how an economy works. Stop listening to these people and start thinking about who you really want to put purchasing power in the hands of.

It is business and the private sector that will give you growth and lower unemployment. It cannot come from any other source. And if you think that business will be encouraged by hearing that the budget deficit is fractionally lower, then you are so far off the beam that I don’t know where you think you are. Business is encouraged by making money. The economy grows through productive investment. Jobs and real increases in income are based on faster rates of private sector growth. If you think private sector growth driven by some form of government-financed activity is the same, then your whole basis of thinking about these issues is a FAIL.

And then there are the supposedly popular cuts to interest rates. Here’s a small test. Suppose interest rates went up by a quarter of a percent (which is what they should do, but won’t). You tell me: what would happen to the housing market? It would stall and possibly crash. Housing is already unaffordable. Why would you want to continue to finance a bubble that has now trapped every government so deeply, that it seems almost impossible to imagine rates going up any time soon. Although given past history, they will, in the month before the next election.