Acceptable behaviour in sections of the press and everywhere else as well

Possibly the most ho hum news story of the past year has been the change in the drug laws of the state of Colorado to legalise the use of marijuana which can now be bought legally. A more sinister sign of America going to seed would be hard to find. Lives are routinely ruined and at a young age by the use of drugs but these mind altering drugs are utterly acceptable. Smoking tobacco will also ruin your life by cutting it short at its end. The psychotropic drugs will tune you out at a young age and can make a normal life impossible. Many young lives are ruined by these various drugs which are not to be messed with.

I have followed the Nigella Lawson story particularly closely because it has almost overlapped the Rob Ford story in Toronto. Ford smoked crack cocaine but is an exemplary mayor of Toronto, or at least he is from a more conservative perspective. Nigella is an icon of the modern age, famous for being beautiful and a celebrity chef. But she also took cocaine herself. But let us see from the way this is reported whether you can pick up even the tiniest hint of a campaign to have her disgraced and out of the public eye. The quotes are from her estranged husband, Charles Saatchi:

‘The truth is that she was taking illegal drugs secretly throughout the last few years of our marriage, often with her own child when she was far too young to even smoke or drink.’

He claimed that this ‘took place at an alarmingly frequent rate’ and continued. ‘That this practice seems to be considered acceptable behaviour in sections of the press is deeply disturbing, as is the notion that you can teach your children that drugs are a justifiable way to make “an unbearable situation bearable”,’ he said.

So just how much has all this damaged Nigella?

Ms Lawson on is on holiday in Spain after the UK debut of her latest television show, The Taste, and press attention over claims at a recent fraud trial had died down.

The ratings, I forecast, will be higher than ever.

Nigella preferred KFC

But of course:

Late night raids on the fridge? Nigella would prefer to order KFC

On her television shows, she is often seen launching a late-night fridge raid for dishes she has lovingly prepared earlier.

But in reality, Nigella Lawson binged on junk food including Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s and Domino’s pizza, her former aides claimed yesterday.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Nigella Lawson used cocaine says the Toronto Star

Just like Rob Ford. Not to mention that she smoked grass with her kids. The story is from The Toronto Star who will no doubt be making nothing of it.

Did Saatchi have a temper? Had Lawson used cocaine? What about marijuana?

Yes, Lawson said, she had used cocaine a few times in the past — as recently as 2010, when she was enduring ‘intimate terrorism’ by her ex-husband. And yes, she’d smoked cannabis, too, though she’s now given up.

And as for her children and grass, we have this:

Ms Carpenter responded: ‘What on earth do you think you were doing buying cigarettes for underage children?,’ to which Ms Grillo replied: ‘Well, if Nigella Lawson let them smoke weed.’

Well, what if she did? What would The Star make of that?

Coke is it

From The Telegraph in London:

Crack-smoking antics of Rob Ford do not appear to have put off his supporters, poll shows.

And this from The Australian:

Nigella ‘Higella’ Lawson had the taste for cocaine, her ex-husband has told a court.

Illegal narcotics are a curse on our society but they are as deeply embedded as alcohol and are used extensively by our political elites. But it is only conservatives who will be whipsawed into political destruction by even a hint of such impropriety. I am no defender of the use of cocaine but I am not content to let the sanctimonious hypocritical mobs of the left deprive us of some of our potential leaders because of rules they do not abide by themselves. I will be surprised if this revelation about Nigella Lawson ruins her career but it might (she is, after all, the daughter of Nigel Lawson). But if she were an established participant on the right, whatever the facts of the case might be, the certainty would be that her career would be over.

As for the real Rob Ford, or at least for another side, see this.