The world does ever so slowly change, sometimes for the better

A story that overlaps culture, politics and the movies. It’s about someone named Patrick Millsaps, the man who was Newt Gingrich’s campaign chief of staff. This is the story how he has become the agent for this very brave movie star, Stacey Dash, who took an enormous amount of flak because, although black, she came out in public for Mitt Romney during the election. The Romney campaign wasted the opportunity to have her speak on their behalf, and thereby hangs a tale.

After the election and Romney’s loss, Millsaps wrote Dash a letter. He found her agent’s name online and put pen to paper, explaining that he’d had a unique experience as Gingrich’s chief of staff and said if she ever wanted to get more involved in politics to let him know.

He never expected a response. But Dash emailed Millsaps and said thanks. Not long after, Millsaps was headed to Los Angeles for a Republican National Committee meeting, emailed Dash and asked to go to lunch and offered to take her to the RNC meeting.

At lunch, not at the Chateau or the Ivy or some other famous celebrity spot, the two met at a nondescript Italian restaurant and talked for hours.

They kept in touch. Finally, Dash wanted to fire her agent but didn’t want to do it herself. She asked Millsaps to do it. In L.A. for business, he agreed.

It’s a great story and I really like them both.