Virtually every major racist in the modern world comes with the label “socialist”

Q: What proportion of the Ku Klux Klan were Democrats?
A: 100%

If you don’t know that you cannot even begin to understand the racial divide in the United States. Which brings me to this, from Instapundit.

WELL, SURE. ANTISEMITES ARE A CORE CONSTITUENCY FOR THEM NOW. Democrats Ducking Vote on Rejecting Anti-Semitism.

Democratic leaders are remaining quiet about a new congressional measure that rejects anti-Semitism and chides a new class of Democratic congressional members for the open embrace of notorious anti-Semites and anti-Israel causes, according to the leading Republican author of that new measure.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R., N.Y.), one of just two Jewish Republicans in Congress, has introduced a new congressional resolution in the House that categorically rejects anti-Semitism in all its forms and calls out some newly elected Democratic members who have ridden a popular wave into Congress on the backs of anti-Semitic leaders and causes, Zeldin told the Washington Free Beacon in a wide-ranging interview.

While a similar House resolution condemning white supremacy sailed to a nearly unanimous vote several weeks ago, Zeldin’s amendment, focused directly on anti-Semitism, has put Democratic leaders in a precarious position as they are forced to reject the views of popular new freshman colleagues.

“It’s up to the Democrats to decide whether or not they are actually going to confront this head on,” Zeldin told the Free Beacon. “I’m wiling to work with any Democratic colleague on any idea he or she has to crush anti-Semitism in any form. But I can’t do that for them.” . . .

While Democratic leaders like Sen. Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) and House Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) have been vocal in the past about their opposition to BDS and similar anti-Semitic movements, they are now dealing with a new cast of young Democrats such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (Mich.), and Ilhan Omar (Minn.), all of whom have embraced at one point or another anti-Semitic leaders and their causes.

Weirdly like what happened to Labour in Britain after it made immigration a core component of its strategy.

The left knows it’s wrong to be anti-semitic which is why they pretend they aren’t. But they are. A dark and foreboding future beckons.

One learns from the past only what one already believes

An article on the universalisation of Anne Frank as an example to us all of the dread of racism, not of what she actually represents which is the versatility of anti-semitism which can bring together so many diverse groups. This is the final para and the final sentences sum up all too accurately what has come before:

The most questionable connection of all, I find, is made between Anne Frank’s fate as a Jew and the need to tolerate each other in a diverse society. Sadly, modern anti-Semitism is not a negation of multi-culturalism, but in some respects a result of it. Perhaps the only occasion when the extreme right and extreme left sit down together in harmony is when they combine to descry the power of international Jewry (sometimes thinly disguised as ‘Zionism’). Here, diversity is not the solution, but part of the problem, because an extreme desire to respect it often means tolerating extreme intolerance. The exhibition could easily have ended with a poster containing portraits of the white extreme right-wing politician Jean Marie le Pen, the black comedian Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala, an Iranian Mullahs, and assorted other extremists, with the question: “Which one of these is an anti-Semite?” Answer: “All of them.”