Fit young men not fleeing danger

Ron Liddle trying to reason with people on the left, that is, trying to reason with people whose heads are filled with cement. They are literally only able to emote about the poor suffering humanity, even if they are neither poor, suffering or, given the infiltration by ISIS, humane. Here are the key facts:

A largely Muslim charity recently reviewed the work its people had been doing to relieve the misery and squalor on the Sangatte refugee camp in Calais. A worker with the Human Relief Foundation visited the notorious ‘Jungle’ encampment and concluded, with some alarm, that 97 per cent were economic migrants rather than refugees. Further, they were almost exclusively fit young men who were not fleeing danger at all and were not in the least desperate.

An executive added: ‘I thought they had a valid reason [to be there]. They do not have a valid reason.’ The charity immediately curtailed its relief efforts. But present these facts to those who simply scream ‘Let them in!’ and ‘We must do more!’ and it makes not the slightest difference to their point of view; it washes over them without leaving so much as a trace.

And here is Liddle trying to reason with historian Simon Schama:

What I realised after that edition of Question Time is that the facts, the practicalities, the realities of the situation, do not matter one jot. There is a small minority of British opinion — the polls suggest that the overwhelming majority of the population, suburban scum that they are, do not wish to see more migrants entering the country — which is absolutely impervious to the facts which show that letting more people in the country will make things worse both for them and for us. And clearly anyone who doesn’t agree is unaware that the migrants are ‘human beings’ and is thus a borderline psychopath, as well as being suburban. And yet ask them for a course of action and none is forthcoming.

How do we crowds at the bottom of the pile make our elected representatives pay attention to our wishes? It cannot be done and we will endure the arrival of masses from the third world who do not speak our languages nor understand our culture.

And this comment at Tim Blair really does capture just how much danger there is where they are departing from:

Two women made less sense than Simon Schama – the first who argued that it was perfectly sensible for the young men to be the first wave, not realising her argument suggested it was safe for women and children to stay where they were and that the young men are clearly the beachhead for a much larger wave to follow.

The second loon justified England opening its borders as if it wasn’t for migration out of Africa 60,000 years ago “we wouldn’t be here”. That is all the reason she needs to open her arms to illegal economic migrants from goodness knows where. Odd really but it does sum up the leftist mindset.

The women in danger are where they are coming to, not where they are coming from.

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Fantasy v Reality

Fantasy world

Let them in and let them earn from the idiots at The Economist:

By moving to Europe, with its predictable laws and efficient companies, they can become several times more productive, and their wages rise accordingly.

Sceptics may retort that the cultural impact of migration is profoundly unsettling, and that Europe is neither willing nor able to absorb big inflows. Europeans recoil when they see crowds of unassimilated, jobless immigrants, as in parts of Paris or Malmo. And they fear Islamist terrorism, especially after the massacre at Charlie Hebdo and the disarming of a gun-wielding Moroccan on a French train last week.

Not all who express such fears are bigots. And it is clear that monitoring of jihadist groups needs to be stepped up. But the answer to the broader question—how can Europe assimilate migrants better?—can be summarised in three words: let them work. This formula does well in London, New York and Vancouver. Jobs keep young men out of trouble. In the workplace, migrants have to rub along with locals and learn their customs, and vice versa. Which is why policies that keep newcomers idle are so destructive, from Britain’s restrictions on asylum-seekers working to Sweden’s rigid labour laws that make it uneconomic to hire the unskilled. A more open Europe with more flexible labour markets could turn the refugee crisis into an opportunity, just as America did with successive waves of refugees in the 20th century, including plenty from Europe. Let them in, and let them earn.

And what’s the plan if they don’t work and don’t earn? Send them home? Let them starve? Live on welfare? Your addresses at The Economist should all be taken down and refugee centres opened across the road from where each and every one of you live.

Real World

migrants to europe

Aside from not knowing any European language, remind me what skills these people have that can be put to work.

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