Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio compared

Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were in the news lately, and both will very likely run for President of the United States in 2016. Cruz was sandbagged over an incident when he was slagging global warming, and the interesting part was how he kept his poise and equilibrium in the face of the Democrat media. Rubio was discussing the Israeli election, and therefore was about containing the hatred that will follow from the Obama White House. They are here in alphabetical order since it is not a little premature to be thinking about 2016. Let’s first get through 2015 which will be challenging enough. It will be nice to have a Republican president, but then there’s Hillary.

This then is Marco Rubio whose views on Israel make me think there are still possibilities for renewal. There’s a lot of ruin in a nation, and Obama has done his best. But there is a lot of recovery in a nation which has its history and inner strength.

Ted Cruz has also defended Israel here so this is not meant to be a comparison of issues chosen, only a view of the candidates.

And let me finally mention this photo today on Drudge of Martin O’Malley, former governor of Maryland, who has stepped into the race over on the Democrat side. The lead headline at Drudge today is O’Malley Fires Up Iowa with the underneath story that he has been criticising Wall Street, which is part of the Punch and Judy show of Democrat politics since nearly every Wall Street banker is a Democrat (and why wouldn’t they be?). He is as obscure today as Bill Clinton was in 1991 but the Anyone But Clinton crowd is not small and is growing. Here’s the pic:

banjo omalley

Well he lost my vote right there. Anyone who thinks he can pretend to play the banjo using a six-stringed instrument, no doubt tuned like a guitar, is obviously as false and fake as the rest of them, utterly untrustworthy from the get go. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.