Lost and gone forever

Clementine Ford

Oh my darling, oh my darling
Oh my darling, Clementine
You are lost and gone forever

Not sure if there are any souls more wayward than those who have been caught up in the latest intellectual fad that disappears into the mists of time even while they live. Which brings me to this from Andrew Bolt: CLEMENTINE FORD AND THE BETRAYAL OF FEMINISM.

Clementine Ford is called “Australia’s most prominent contemporary feminist”. What stunning proof that feminism has betrayed itself.

This movement once demanded women receive equal treatment. Now it demands women receive special protection, as if they’re as fragile as sexists always claimed.

Take Ford. She’s the kind of feminist who’s tweeted “kill all men”, and on Saturday complained that “coronavirus isn’t killing men fast enough”.

This brand of feminism now attracts official support. Ford last year got a gig on the ABC, and Melbourne City Council this month gave her a grant to write another book.

But check out the double standards.

Last year, Ford joined another public lynching by the Left of Alan Jones, after he said he was sick of the global warming idiocy of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and wanted a sock stuffed “down her throat”. This was too much for the suddenly delicate sensibilities of Ford, who said she deplored such “verbal assaults” which were “sexist” and an affront to “human dignity”

So let me say it right here: there is no greater possibility for contentment and life satisfaction than from a happy marriage, especially if it is blessed with children. There are no longer any rules that inhibit women from achieving whatever they are capable of. But there are many traps for the unwary that will derail many from finding where their true happiness will lie. It is so unfashionable to say this, but this is for almost everyone – male of female – the absolute truth.