Visiting the battlefields of France

We have just been off to a couple of the battlefields of France which have great meaning to me. Yesterday it was Azincourt and today Crecy, 1415 and 1346 respectively. Not great successes for the French but the museum at Azincourt was the best of its kind I have yet seen (and I have seen many). If, for example, you would like to find out what the field of vision was for someone wearing armour or how heavy one of the broadswords was, this is where you can find out. Not many French visitors, as you can imagine, but both were very well served.

Now onto a different kind of historic site, Jean-Baptiste Say’s cotton mill and his local historian, M. Zephyr Tilliette. They are trying to preserve Say and his memory in Auchy–les-Hesdin where the factory is. Longer story than the one I currently know, but I will know much more later on.