Going for broke

Labor began the campaign with a kind of certainty that has now evaporated. And because they felt so certain, they were almost actually truthful about the kinds of things they would do. They would import more voting herds irrespective of the effect on our cities and the economy. They would pursue a green agenda to the very last measure of stupidity. They would waste even more money and more prodigiously than in the past. They believe the millennial vote will outweigh the effect on retirees whose incomes may be savaged.

This is a pivotal election. Either Labor finds there are limits by losing the election when they thought it was all in hand, or they win and become a modern version of Whitlam.

Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of modern politics

You may think he is a lying hypocrite and doesn’t mean a word of it, but you haven’t been in the focus group meetings. You may think that Bill’s refusal to make any point blank statements about a range of issues is ludicrous and empty, but he’s the one leading in the polls. He may look ridiculous some of the time, but he seems to know what he’s doing. He’s just trying to win an election by not offending his own side more than he needs to. And even where he does say things that offend, everyone on his side knows he doesn’t mean it, that he’s just trying to get those few extra bunnies they need to win back those difficult seats. While the Coalition goes around looking at raising the GST to 15%, over on the other side we see this: ALP conference 2015: Labor will adopt boat turnbacks says Shorten.

And we may think that carbon taxes are a form of economic madness, but do you really think this is election poison: ALP conference 2015: Labor backs 50pc renewable energy target. And if you think fiscal rectitude is the way to the Lodge, Bill Shorten begs to differ: ALP conference 2015: big on promises, short on financial reality.

In most constituencies, Green votes will with certainty flow back to Labor. It’s the two-party division that matters, and the ALP is ahead and sailing along. Shorten is in no trouble as party leader. The ALP would consider winning back government in three years an astonishing achievement, and they would be right. The other part is that virtually every Senator elected as an Independent will back Labor’s agenda. Soft populism blending into out and out socialism is the very centre of our political-sentiment distribution at the moment and it is getting worse.

In the US, Obama runs an openly socialistic economic model combined with an open-borders policy. The mayor of New York is all but a declared communist. And amongst the Democrats, Sanders Surges, Clinton Sags in U.S. Favorability. Sanders you say, who is this Sanders chap? As noted by Wikipedia in a much cleaned up and sanitised entry, Sanders “is the only Congressman to describe himself as a socialist”.

It may be madness, but here it is the madness of crowds where these crowds may just happen to form a majority of the voters.