“For whatever reason, the EU wants to become an Islamic state”

To have been born after WWII and in the West means I have lived my life in the best time and best place in World History. I doubt those who come next will be so fortunate. From Last Days of the European Christmas Markets.

The EU honchos knew — from experience — that periodic terror attacks would be part of their refugee mandate. I contend that this is a feature and not a bug in their plan. They don’t “lack the will” to do anything about it; what we are seeing is their will.

The Christmas Markets will disappear, as will all the other even nominal acknowledgments to the God of the Bible. For whatever reason, the EU wants to become an Islamic state.

The socialist mafia think they can improve on our Judeo-Christian ethic and civilisation. They cannot, and to adapt a phrase from the past, they shall inherit the whirlwind.

NOT TO MENTION THIS: Newly Elected Muslim Congresswomen Ridicules VP Pence’s Christian Faith.

It appears that the two newly elected Muslim Congresswomen are already bringing anti-Christian hate into our federal government with a broadside directed against Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian religion.

The two Muslims ridiculed Pence with a Tweet containing a photo of the VP along with a snide caption reading, “Jesus take the wheel!”

To identify with the left ought to be a mark of great shame

I will merely link to this story, but won’t quote from it since it is so disheartening. The title tells you what it’s about and you can read it for yourself: ISIS’S SEX SLAVES COMMIT SUICIDE: WESTERN FEMINISTS SILENT.

They of the progressive label, the members of the left, think of themselves as the best the world has produced and they are amongst the worst. The civilisation that grew out of the Judeo-Christian tradition is now dying, inherited by an anti-Christian horde who do not deserve the great good fortune they live in but are bringing to ruin.