Journalists are not hypocrites – they’re on the left

Which one of the following do you suppose is getting a lot of grief from the media. First there’s this one:

Yes! Toronto’s underground hit of 2010, our exclusive Vote For Rob Ford – He’s Not A Communist shirts are back, by popular demand (thanks to a mayor who can’t stay out of the news). Unofficially issued in limited numbers during Ford’s winning election campaign, this one has been unavailable since then. Members of Ford Nation can show their support for their beleaguered Mayor by buying one and wearing it around ‘left-wing pinkos’! (as Don Cherry puts it).

And then there’s this one:

Described by CNN as the ‘unabashed liberal,’ de Blasio is actually to the left of Barack Obama, in the sense that de Blasio didn’t disavow his communist background once it came to light. At least Obama tried to cover up his ties to communist Frank Marshall Davis.

De Blasio had scrubbed the Marxist connections from his campaign website, an omission that momentarily captured the attention of The New York Times. But once these connections and controversies came to light, he embraced his sordid history. He still embraces liberation theology and his work for the communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

Actually, I’m not going to tell you which is which. You’ll just have to guess. But I have been following Rob Ford for quite some time with Toronto having been the city of my birth and with family and friends having voted for him in large numbers. A year ago a video surfaced in which he may or may not have been viewed as smoking crack cocaine which he now admits that he had. The result. His approval ratings went up except in the media where they have lain in state from the very start.

Meanwhile, the second is about the much loved (by the media) just-elected mayor of New York. When his communist past came up rather than stepping back he admitted to it all. He naturally won in a landslide.

All this is discussed in an article posted at Quadrant Online, which also discusses the single most shocking and disreputable act by a politician in the United States over the past twelve months, the discovery that Rand Paul’s speeches, which he no doubt wrote and researched himself since that’s the kind of thing US Senators do, contain plagiarised material. But don’t you worry, the media are right on top of it.