The Australian is now the print version of the ABC

The comments section still carries just enough of the right side balance but the rest of the paper is ideologically just The New York Times. Two days back I took a look at Jonathan Swan’s useless interview with Donald Trump which you can find here. I wrote then:

Hardly wild at all. If you see these posts in the context of the full interview, there is nothing whatsoever noteworthy about these moments to single out. I don’t know how the President puts up with it. Must also say that this Swan is a serious jerk. And so shallow that it is an embarrassment. Rude as well.

And you know why you haven’t heard a thing about this interview? It’s because Donald Trump takes the interviewer apart. It also seems to be truncated from what would have been the full interview so Trump must have done even better with the rest of it.

It has now shown up in Cut&Paste: Trump gets grilled by Aussie Jonathan Swan, son of the ABC’s Norman. Here’s how it ends:

Fran Kelly, RN Breakfast, Thursday:

And, full disclosure, he’s the son of Norman Swan, our Norman Swan, host of the Health Report here on RN and the Coronacast podcast.

Days until the US presidential election:


From the C&P you’d think Trump was completely done over. But if you watch the interview, even the bits they were willing to show, Trump took him to the cleaners. And what will happen in 88 days that the Oz is looking forward to? That Joe Biden will be elected? It’s not just the bias at the Oz that bothers me, but the stupidity.