Questions that need answers

The answer to all questions is that none of this is to reduce racism and all of it is to undermine democracy and free market capitalism. Not only are these people ignorant and stupid, but they are psychologically deranged, along with, of course, also being ideological enemies.

There is then this from John Cleese who gets the dementia that has spread across the left who have no answers to any problems but are such psychological wrecks that ruining our societies, which aside from being the freest and most prosperous in history are also the least racist in any sense of the word. Where else would any of these fools live but in a first world economy with democratic control of the courts and the police? He has just put this out and in his tweet he asks another question, “Hard to tell if I recorded this 30 years or 10 minutes ago…”. This is the excerpt he included on his tweet.

Finally this, to remind you that as insane as all this is because for the moment we are protected behind a thin wall of common sense, just imagine what this might mean: “Why Trump-Biden race is much closer than you think”.

And you do know that the Hitler we know from history was experienced as a different sort of person before the War began in 1939. The left are not just ideological enemies, they are fools who are shallow and uninformed to a fantastic degree.

HERE IS THE JOHN CLEESE VIDEO IN THEIR MORE COMPLETE MODE: This is the five minute version. And while he was parodying the right side, he in any case got very close indeed to my own views about most of it.

This is the ten minute version.